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“Dad, How Do I”: Rob Kenney with his Practical DADvices

“Dad, How Do I”: Rob Kenney with his Practical DADvices

You might often ask your father whenever you try to accomplish tasks, “Dad, how do I–?”. We call them when we need assistance with things we can’t accomplish alone. Just like repairing broken cabinets and fans, unclogging sinks and drains, changing tires and oil in cars, and many more. It is wonderful to have a supportive father who would lend a hand when you needed it. Isn’t it?

But for some reason, a lot of people were unable to ask their father that particular question.  Not everyone has a father figure around them while growing up. Rob Kenney, a dad who has raised two adults, knows that. To make up for it, Kenny made his own YouTube Channel where he teaches Dad Lessons and gives Fatherly advice.

Now, who is Rob Kenney?

Kenny has firsthand experience with what it is like to live without a father. At the age of 14, his father abandoned him and his siblings.

Known as the internet Dad, Kenney achieved popularity during this Pandemic through his concern for others. Before starting the ‘Dad, How Do I’ YouTube Channel, Rob Kenney was simply a regular father. However, he doesn’t want his kids and the others to experience the same fate he had.

His journey to becoming an Internet Dad

Rob Kenney creates DIY YouTube videos featuring lessons and conversations you could have with your dad. His videos begin with “Hey, Kids!”, a common phrase used by fathers to call their children. That is how Kenney greets his more than 4 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. In addition, Kenney also shares reels and images taken from his previous vlogs on his Instagram. His 119,000 followers on Instagram refer to him as Dad. His videos are just too pure that even those who grew up with a father appreciate Dad Kenney.

Dad Chats with Dad Kenney

This is one of the videos you could find in the Dad Chats category. Rob Kenney encourages and makes his viewers feel loved through this kind of video. We might not have realized the significance of “I am proud of you”, until this point.

A viewer said, “I never realized how much I needed someone to say “I am proud of you”. Thank you!”. I couldn’t agree more. Rob made us all realize the power of kind words. Another viewer said, “You’re not only a dad to those who’ve lost their dads to death but those whose fathers don’t know how to be one. You’re filling in that gap that had always remained empty. Thank you.”

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How To’s with Dad Kenney

In addition to his videos about tying ties and fixing running toilets, he also makes vlogs about baking. It is dedicated to everyone who are interested in this subject. Baking a cinnamon roll might be the best way to strengthen your relationship with someone and his viewers never fail to appreciate him.

“Just tried this recipe and it worked perfectly for me! I was a bit nervous ‘cause I’m literally hopeless in the kitchen but it was easy and nothing burned in the process. Thank you so much, dad!” If I ever bake with my dad, I will definitely say exactly what she said.

Everybody wants a father figure to guide them. We seek out fathers who will give us a sense of security and who will instill in us the necessary lessons for life. Some people never had a father figure to advise them, while others had one who does not know how to act as one. In any case, Rob Kenney is deserving of the label “internet dad”. He filled in the emotional gaps in all of his viewers’ hearts. Dad Rob Kenney took the responsibility of instructing and guiding them through his vlogs.

Let’s show our “Fathers” the affection they deserve. Regardless of whether they are connected to us by blood or not, whoever guides us deserves our appreciation. Do you have a father-child moment you could tell us about? Share them with us!

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