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Crystal kayaks are here to level up your beach photoshoot!

Crystal kayaks are here to level up your beach photoshoot!

The newest way of showing off your beach vacay is here! Social media is flooded with images of crystal kayaks as beachgoers share their entries for the trend. Along with azure waters and snow-white sandbars, crystal kayaking is also every beach’s latest tourist attraction.

After all, kayaking has always been a staple activity that completes every beach getaway. No matter which beach you go to, kayaking is a must-try activity to round off your trip. The water activity uses a paddle and a canoe-like watercraft that is low-to-the-water, which lets anyone explore and experience the tranquil currents of any stream of water.

Get that vitamin sea by paddling through the glistening waters and basking under the sun!

Photo: Unsplash/Christian Bowen

So, what exactly is all the hype about these kayaks?

Well, visitors are fascinated by these tiny boats because of their unique design. That’s why crystal kayaks (a.k.a. clear kayaks) are becoming the favorite picturesque spot of beachgoers today. Because of the rowboat’s transparency, it appears as though you are magically floating on the water.

With their friendly boatmen serving as photographers, beach resorts and kayak rentals began to provide photography services to their visitors. In addition, you can pose as much as you desire on top of the crystal kayak while feeling good about your physical beauty. You will surely leave with Instagram-worthy pictures and an experience to remember with this new beach activity.


Thanks to the crystal photoshoot trend, beachgoers learned how to model—flaunting their beach bodies while emphasizing the magnificent scenery behind them.

Here are some amazing crystal kayak photos we think are worth sharing.

Photo: Facebook/Hajie Alejandro
Photo: Facebook/Boracay Crystal Kayak Adventure & PhotoG
Facebook/Tom Po Hao

Kayaking Destinations in the Philippines

Planning to recreate your crystal kayak shoot? We recommend these three places to you.

El Nido, Palawan

First on the list is none other than El Nido. Kayaking adventure is undoubtedly one of the best things to do here. You may rent on the spot or opt for a pre-arranged El Nido tour package that includes a scheduled kayaking activity. Also, they give tourists the freedom to manage their kayaks and explore the nearby islands or scenic lagoons by themselves. 

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Photo: Instagram/warrencamitan


Second on the list is Bora, the most popular beach at the moment where a majority of crystal kayak shoots are done. After the photo session, use your kayak to explore the island’s beaches as well as some of its beautiful coastline areas.

Photo: Unsplash/Hector Periquin

Quezon Province

Last but not least is the province with a hidden utopia, Quezon. If you want to experience kayaking within the bounds of Luzon, look no further because Quezon province also has its pristine beaches, unique rock formations, and powder-white sandbars.

Check out these mesmerizing crystal kayak photos taken in Balay ng Itay Private Resort in Quezon.

Indeed, Quezon province can compete with other well-known islands.

Go and plan that beach getaway. Don’t forget to flaunt your body, pose like a model, and let the crystal clear kayak finish the work.

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