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Celebrity-inspired bikini ideas for your next summer getaway

Celebrity-inspired bikini ideas for your next summer getaway

Don’t let this summer slip away without flaunting your imperfectly perfect body in Bikini. I know sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Luckily, these celebs ruled their IG accounts as they post in their photos. It’s time to grab bikini ideas from them.

Join me as we get confidence in them and bring it to your next summer getaway as you wear yours.

Bikini ideas for this summer

Chie Filomero 

When we say ‘bikini’ or ‘sexy’, obviously, Chie Filomero should be on the list. As a calendar vixen, she is one of the most daring in whatever she wears but ultimately in her Bandeaukini swimwear. 

Her confidence in her body compliments the bikini she wore in this photo. It screams loud and proud, as we all should. 

Anne Curtis 

We all know that white is a classic color. It brings a simple, clean, and purest look. But, given the characteristics of white, only Anne Curtis can carry this sophisticated high-waisted bikini.

She once again proved that she is indeed a Jezebel and will always be a Jezebel. So, another tip from her: if you plan to have an on-point bikini shot, do it while floating in the swimming pool. 

Angelina Cruz 

For teens out there who are shy to wear a bikini, I hope you find courage as you look at Angelina’s string bikini. The mixture of pastel colors blends perfectly with your age. It’ll give you a simple yet fresh look. 

Rei Germar

If you are out of bikini ideas about what’s the next to wear, just visit Rei Garmar’s Instagram account. You will see her wearing a one-piece, string, underwire bikini ‐ the most favorite, this high waist bikini. 

The wave curl, the makeup, and the posing truly captivate the public. A style that you should try once in a while too. 

See Also

Sue Ramirez

Aside from her drop-dead beauty, Sue Ramirez can effortlessly flex her sexy body with her yellow‐purple string bikini. 

Sue Ramirez is known for her bubbly personality off-cam. But if you visit her feed, you will see her fierce and alluring look. Regardless of what appearance she wants her fans to see, one thing is for sure. She excels in everything she does. 

Kylie Verzosa

A neon pink bikini? It’s something that Kylie Verzosa does. One of the fearless celebrities and a beauty queen we know. A personality that you all should get as you wear your own bikini. 

It is all about owning the look. Think and believe that you are the most beautiful woman in the world in every shape of you. You are your own celebrity. Make sure you wear your bikinis in confidence, just like these stars.

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