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Catriona Gray: “It’s totally okay to tell your story”

Catriona Gray: “It’s totally okay to tell your story”

Binibining Pilipinas started their online mentoring session with their 2020 candidates with Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves. In their first episode, the beauty queens gave some tips to the candidates as they go on their journey to fulfill their beauty queen dreams.

One of the topic they tackled is breaking the stereotype of perfection in the pageant world.

Gray told the candidates that while beauty queens always seem to know what words to throw and confidently, while they always seem empowered, inspired, and uplifting, it’s also important to be true to yourself and to your story.

“It’s totally okay to tell your story and maybe you’re talking about being bullied and you’re saying ‘it took me a really long time to not give power to the narrative in my head or not give power to what people would say about me and you know what I am still not there’,” Catriona said.

Gray emphasized the importance of authenticity in this time of age.

“You don’t have to say ‘and I learned to love myself and I never looked back’ because sa totoo lang no one really gets there. At’s really really empowering to show people that you are a work in progress because we’re not aiming for perfection, but rather for progress and we’re hoping that through your message we can show people how to make small progress of their own.”

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