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The Director’s Cafe: The Go-To Spot of Every Filmmakers at Heart

The Director’s Cafe: The Go-To Spot of Every Filmmakers at Heart

Lights! Camera! Coffee! Calling all cinephiles out there, the perfect cafe for you is now here!

The Director’s Cafe is a small and chic coffee shop just along Malate, Manila. What sets it apart from other cafes, you ask? It’s film-themed! Now you can get the chance to enjoy your latte or frappe while feeling like a film director, or you can bring your laptop and act like a screenwriter in a hurry. There are a lot of things to enjoy here.

Snap the clapper and start rolling, here our some of the reasons why you would love this café:

A variety of drinks to enjoy

How do you like your coffee, direk? Whichever style of drink you desire, best believe that The Directors Cafe have them for you!

The star of their show are their coffee-based drinks, of course. They have hot and cold coffees in different concentrations, along with frappes, macchiatos and lattes. They also have smoothies and ice teas in dozens of flavors. One of the cafe’s highlights is the Italian Soda which is available in Minty Peach, Scarlet Berry, Tropical Passionfruit, Green Apple Campagna and Purpleberry. From the names alone, they sure sound like surprising delights!

They are also innovative with their drinks as they create new flavors and fusions of drinks every once in a while. Their recent creations is the new Mocha Crumble Frappe. Expect new drinks ahead, for those who love to sip and chill!

For as low as 60php, you can already enjoy a drink and a meditative ambiance. That’s right! Yummy and affordable. If you’re looking for a spot to do your film meeting or screenplay writing, TDC is perfect! Bring your script and highlighters, and go grab a cup!

Dishes and snacks galore

Somebody’s hungry in the set? Well the cafe, still have more to offer aside from quenching thirsts.

The Director’s Cafe also have a wide variety of dishes and snacks. If you’re feeling a bit generous to your taste buds, you can enjoy their pasta section. They have luscious Spaghetti, Chili and Garlic Pasta, Chicken Alfredo, Carbonara, Tuna Pasta, Creamy Boscaiola, Truffle Pasta and Chicken Parmigiana. From the names alone, you can expect rich flavors and satisfied tummy!

If you want a lighter load for the stomach, you can enjoy their snacks like Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Kimchi Sausage, Monte Cristo, fries and Tuna Pie. They also have sweets like cookies if you’re a sweet tooth!

The best thing about this is that they are also available in GrabFood and Food Panda!

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It has its own theater cinema

What else could any cinephile wish for when there’s a film feature? Of course, among their features and offers, The Director’s Café’s main highlight is their theater cinema where customers could watch a film. You can munch and crunch while enjoying a movie along with the barkada, or with your special someone. What an ideal date!

For every 300php worth of order, customers can get 1 Movie Pass that would allow them to use the theater. 1 Movie Pass could only be used by 1 person. Their theater comes in first come first serve policy, and the customer has the freedom to choose whatever movie in their catalogue and streaming sites. In case other customers are already watching a film, you can also join them if you wish so. Perfect for forming new friends through the power of cinema. That’s the true cinephile spirit!

Complete with cozy cushions, sofas and dim lights, their cafe theater is a haven! You can also book their place for special parties and events.

A pet friendly café

If your assistant director in life is your pooch pet, you can bring them here too! Yes, they are open for PAWstomers! The cafe is pet friendly. As long as your pets are wearing diapers to avoid messy situations, you’re all set to enjoy. Make sure you also bring their vaccine records. If you want to watch a movie with your dog, bring a wee pad or doggy bag as their theater has a carpet flooring.

Quirky crew

Every once in a while, TDC turns a regular day into a series or movie for their customers. Their crews and baristas can get a little quirky, wearing costumes from different references. Sure, they are polite, caring and fast, but they are also fun! The customers would surely be inspired and excited in this cafe.

The Director’s Café is open weekdays, from 11Am to 8PM. If you’re a cinephile or a filmmaker at heart, come drop by to be inspired and to fuel up!

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