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Bubble: Anime Movie Review

Bubble: Anime Movie Review

A swarm of mysterious space bubbles rained down on every corner of the Earth. A huge explosion results in Tokyo becoming isolated inside a huge dome of bubble where gravity and physics are not normal. Orphans of the incident that had nowhere to go stayed in Tokyo and made it their parkour playground. Hibiki, who claims to hear the song of the bubbles, is one of the orphans and currently the best parkour player. He then meets a mysterious girl after almost drowning, a girl that sounds just like the bubbles. 

Bubble me up

Bubble is a new anime movie that was released this year, It’s a romance and fantasy. It’s set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo which is surrounded by a huge alien bubble where gravity is broken, now a playground. Buildings, vehicles, and rubble float in the air which makes a perfect parkour site. Hibiki met a nameless girl who later they called Uta. The mysterious girl Uta, is a bubble that manages to form a human body because of her desire to save Hibiki.

The concept of a space bubble is honestly genius. An alien lifeform with consciousness becomes fascinated with earth. Uta being a bubble is infatuated with Hibiki because he could hear her voice. The romance between an alien lifeform and a human in anime is not new however Bubble is in a different aspect. The movie incorporates the story of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Uta can’t directly touch Hibiki, her body turns back into a bubble when she does, they can’t physically touch however it didn’t stop their love for each other.

Song from the outer space

The only Hibiki has hyper-sensitive hearing, he hates the busy sound of the city. The only sound that he liked is the song of a bubble that he heard the day they descended to earth. He’s been looking for this sound which he believes was inside the Tokyo Tower. After he realizes that Uta is not a human, the hive mind of the bubbles begins to stir again threatening to unleash another explosion. When watching this I can’t help getting fascinated by the execution of the sequence. The build-up that leads to the ending is superb.

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Overall, the storyline is very unique and the animation is jaw-dropping. Wit Studio outdid themselves with this movie. The smooth movement will give the viewers a hard time taking their eyes off of the screen. The music was composed by one and only Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Eve, you know the anime will be good if Sawano is there. All in all, the movie is a perfect 10, it is a must-watch and it deserves more recognition.

Bubble is up on Netflix, make sure to give it a try.

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