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Ayn Bernos feels overwhelmed with well-deserved appreciation for MUPH 2021 stint

Ayn Bernos feels overwhelmed with well-deserved appreciation for MUPH 2021 stint

The TikTok star who became a beauty queen, Ayn Bernos is very grateful for her supporters. Numerous people showered her with love as she took her Miss Universe Philippines journey.

On Twitter, Bernos admitted feeling overwhelmed with happiness due to the messages she has been receiving.

According to Ayn, people were telling her how well she would perform if she had the chance to do the Question & Answer portion of the pageant.

The Top 16 finalist said that she is not in any way disappointed with the results of the competition.

More than anything, she is grateful for the national pageant, which gave her the platform to tell her story.

The beauty queen said,

 “Now I don’t need to be on stage for people to listen. Now people hear my voice. This is just the beginning.”

It can be remembered that after the coronation night last September 30, Ayn declared that her heart is full of gratitude.

This is for the opportunity she had, but also more importantly, for the people she met along the way.

“It takes a village to raise a beauty queen, and you raised me in two months. Thank you for all the lessons, feedback, and effort!!!”

Prior to that, Ayn also attested how her fellow candidates have tremendously helped her achieved beauty and power. In a tweet, she shared,

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“Akala ko hashtag lang yung #MUPsisterhood but it’s very real. I feel lucky.”

Admiration is all I have for this beautiful soul. For me, yes, she indeed gave a statement as an ‘unconventional’ woman who joined the pageant. However, she’s more than just a beacon of hope for other girls like her. I stress that she has always been the standard.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be following the journey of this beautiful person for a long time. She not only exudes beauty and talent but also grace and kindness.

I love her.

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