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INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: Ayn Bernos and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: Ayn Bernos and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

Ayn Bernos Instagram Raid

Ayn Bernos definitely made an impact when she announced that she is an official Miss Universe Philippines delegate. She’s young, beautiful, and very smart. A very promising contender, indeed.

To further enchant ourselves with the beauty and poise of this amazing woman, let’s do a deep dive into her Instagram profile.

A promise to her younger self

Ayn is gorgeous and very eloquent when it comes to speaking about her causes. However, she’s not your typical candidate.

With a height of 5’3, she broke free from the norms and signed up immediately once the Miss Universe organization has announced that there is no height requirement.

That’s what she shared in her profile once the news of her joining has been announced. She posted a TikTok video of her, talking about how she has always been a fan of pageants ever since she was young.

That’s why she promised herself that one day if given the opportunity, she will grab it. And that she did.

Entering the Top 100

Well, guess what, rightfully so, the beauty queen earned a spot in the Top 100 candidates for the pageant.

She mentioned that she will be representing her birthplace, which is small, just like her, San Juan City. Ayn also thanked her fans for their support.

Failing, getting back up, and doing it all over again

The beauty queen shared a video of her doing duck walks but ended up falling. She used this as a metaphor to the Ayn she is proud of.

“I’m not scared of failure, rejection, or battle scars. I fail fast and I fail forward, and then I get back up and do it all over again, all while laughing at the situation.”

This shows her great an example she is, not only to young girls but to everyone.

Breaking through the top 75

Ayn served us with this one. She posted a video, flaunting her chiseled beautiful body with a black swimsuit. This gorgeous footage comes with wonderful news—she was able to enter the Top 75 candidates.

Acing the interview challenge “That was so fun!”

The beautiful Ayn Bernos shared a photo of her look during the interview in a beautiful tangerine dress.

Most importantly, the fun part is when she thanked everyone after the interview, then uttered the words, “That was so fun,” not realizing that the live hasn’t ended yet. She was so cute!

A generation of confident Filipinas

This didn’t surprise me. With a voice like hers, the positivity radiating from what she advocates for, it is only fitting for Ayn to be in the Top 30. Cheers to all the beautiful morenas who have always been underestimated!

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“Let’s raise a generation of confident Filipinas. A generation that doesn’t apologize for being who they are. A generation that knows how to take up space. [A] generation that will speak up when spoken down to.”

The beautiful tourism video

Ayn took us around the beautiful City of San Juan—where the first battle of the Philippine revolution took place.

Day 1 in the pageant bubble

This was the first time Ayn met her fellow beautiful delegates. I can’t help but be excited for her. She looks amazing with that “San Juan” sash!

In all honesty, I would really love for this beautiful lady to win the entire thing. She is a kind heart and an inspiration to a lot of growing young girls, and every gorgeous woman who feels out of place.

Ayn Bernos is the kind of candidate who you will really root for. The beauty, the brains, and the passion for change. Push forward, morena!

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