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Jake Ejercito fails to get Hidilyn Diaz’s autograph despite asking his daughter

Jake Ejercito fails to get Hidilyn Diaz’s autograph despite asking his daughter

Jake Ejercito Ellie Ejercito Hidilyn Diaz

You know how cute it is when fathers and daughters have some banter. Personally, I love it when little girls get the upper hand over their dad. Well, just look at the seemingly playful exchange between Jake Ejercito and his daughter.

Jake Ejercito shared photos of a conversation between him and Ellie, through a tweet.

Apparently, at the time, her daughter Ellie was meeting with the Olympic gold-medalist. She informed her Dad through what seems to be the Viber app. The tweet containing the screenshots of the convos can be seen below.

Basically, her dad was very excited upon knowing that Ellie would be meeting the athlete. Her daughter though seems very chill about it.

After Jake knew about the meetup, he exclaimed, “That’s so cool!!!!!” Then he asked what the purpose of the meetup was. Her daughter was oblivious though, answering that she had no clue.

Jake didn’t accept that though and asked how Ellie couldn’t know, which the other shrugged off with the same answer.

Being the fanboy that he is, Jake asked Ellie if the little girl could get an autograph of Hidilyn. Ellie, still being so chill about it asked why her father would want that. Jake hilariously answered,

“Because she’s the country’s only gold-medalist!!”

That seems to be the end of the convo for Jake until her daughter sent a photo of her and Hidilyn. This made Jake more excited.

Jake replied with the gif of Dwayne Johnson, saying, “WOW”

Well, of course, since Ellie is very chill, she replied with the most chill gif as well with an Emma Watson mouthing, “Uhh yaaa”. Gosh, this made me laugh.

And, mind this, since they already had a photo, Jake asumed that Ellie also has the autograph he asked for. Because of that assumption, he asked,

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“Did you get my autograph?”

Ellie replied,


A very simple answer.

So, there you have it, folks. The story of how Ellie single-handedly destroyed her father’s hopes and dreams. Nah! Kidding. I just love how hilarious this conversation turned out. What a cute father and daughter tandem.

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