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Attaining Your New Year’s Resolutions This 2022

Attaining Your New Year’s Resolutions This 2022

Happy 2022, everyone! We have made it this far, which you should be proud of.

We have been through a lot this pandemic, so give yourself a pat on the back for surviving another year. Admittedly, we tend to look back and reflect on all the things we have accomplished in the past.

Though some had a fruitful year, circumstances were not as favorable to others. Hence, some of us want to change our life for the better by setting New Year’s Resolutions.

Indeed, this is where we feel motivated to pick up some good habits and turn our life around. For instance, we try to get up at 5 A.M., go for a morning jog or hit the gym, and eat healthily.

To sum up, we attempt to stay productive and keep it up for the whole year. Essentially, January signifies a new beginning and a fresh start! However, we later find out that it isn’t easy and realistic at all. After sleeping in or missing one workout, we give up on our set goals.

Moreover, we break these promises to ourselves since we can do it again next year. But why do we have to wait for several months?

You Can Start Anytime

Clearly, no rule states you can only start being the better version of yourself in the first month of a new year. Not only are you stalling time to start improving, but there’s no such thing as a perfect day to begin working on yourself.

Slowly But Surely

Typically, we immediately want to see the change after doing it for less than a month. We may be working out religiously two weeks straight, but we get discouraged when we don’t see any abs forming. However, it does not mean that what we are doing is not worth it.

As we see ourselves every day, we won’t notice these small changes. You may not have abs, yet you feel stronger compared to before. Change takes time, there’s no shortcut to it.

Don’t rely on motivation!

Don’t you just love it when you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to? Well, I love it too! Hate to break it to you, but chasing that feeling is not the way to go. When we want to set long-term goals, we need to commit ourselves to them.

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There are days where you don’t feel like it, or there are times where it seems so bothersome to stick to your goal. However, that should be your cue to keep it up.

Work Towards Your Goals

Remember, you do not have to do things perfectly all the time. For example, you set a goal to sleep earlier and study in the morning. Regardless, you find yourself snoozing the alarm at dawn. Later on, you realize you can concentrate better at night.

Instead of forcing yourself to be part of those who wake up at 5 A.M., why not be productive at 10 P.M.? Rather than fitting into their standards of productivity, do it your way.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up when unexpected things happen that may derail you from your New Year’s resolutions. Live a little, be more forgiving, and do not punish yourself when you don’t meet your goals!

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