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Planning to hit the gym soon? Here’s what you need to know

Planning to hit the gym soon? Here’s what you need to know

As industries adjust to the ‘new normal,’ we wonder what’s it like to somehow return to some of our regular activities outside. One of the many businesses heavily affected by the pandemic were gym establishments. Under the new guidelines imposed by the government recently, they now have the permission to operate again so long as they follow the standard health protocols.

According to The Department of Trade and Industry, fitness outfits are allowed to reopen at half capacity in areas under modified general community quarantine.

Credit: Vox

To explain the new procedure of going for gym workouts, Johaness Raadsama, Anytime Fitness Asia chief growth officer, shared their requirements for members when booking an appointment. This includes physical distancing rules and strict wearing of face masks and face shields inside the premises.

“So we are deploying a booking system to make sure we can comply,” he told CNN Philippines.

“We are also reconstructing our gyms to provide the relevant space and appropriate space or equipment for other activities to make sure we comply with social distancing,” he added.

Gyms and other fitness establishments which have the capacity to return should undergo inspection and proper sanitation before opening its doors again.

CREDIT: (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)

All equipment are subjected to immediate disinfection after every use to avoid contact.

Anytime Fitness also shared that they are currently revamping their personal training and group classes to further cater to their clients’ needs.

Meanwhile, other businesses such as beauty salons and barber shops are only permitted to reopen at 30 percent capacity. Most have modified their booking systems to maintain crowd control.


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