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Aliw Theater Finally Reopens For The Public

Aliw Theater Finally Reopens For The Public

Aliw Theater has finally reopened and it is a fulfilling moment of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s vow, once again it rises like a phoenix.

Aliw Theater Once Again Rises As a Phoenix

Almost three years, the fire accident in Star City happened that destroyed the mass area where Aliw Theater is located. Now, it is a newly-renovated theater that once again opens its doors to the public.

Photo Credits: Website/ SpotOn.ph

The Ballet Manila’s Artistic Director Lisa-Macuja Elizalde was in attendance for the theater’s opening, ribbon cutting, and of course the tour with her husband Fred Elizalde. Back in 2002, he gave the theater to Lisa as a gift. The newly re-opened theater will now call Elizalde Complex.

According to Lisa, this fresh re-opening of the Aliw Theater is her fulfillment. She made a promise that the theater and the company she leads would once again “rise like a phoenix”, to bring out the culture of the theater once more

Photo Credits: Twitter/ Philstar

Elizalde Complex will no longer just offer theater performances. The complex will now also be a multipurpose place for events like conferences, exhibits, business meetings, and rehearsals.

The newly-called Elizalde complex has a hall and an area of 376 square meters. This includes the lobby and two meeting rooms and can accommodate 48 people in each divided room.

Photo Credits: Twitter/ Philstar

Furthermore, there are two custom spaces that can be divided into two portions before entering the theater.

Photo Credits: Twitter/ Philstar

The theater has now 1,275 seats for the people. It has top-of-the-line lights, a sound system, fully-furnished carpeted floors, giant curved LED lights, and also better seats for a whole new experience.

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New Journey For Aliw Theater

The rise of the Aliw Theater will once again progress in the name of the theater industry. Based on the article by Philstar, the Ballet Manila and Lisa have upcoming plans and by plans, it means a series of performances ahead of their 25th season.

It will commence on February 2023 with “Romeo and Juliet” with a modern twist added by Martin Lawrence, a British choreographer.

Photo Credits: Website/ Bilyonaryo.com

New beginnings coming their way as they will also restage “La Traviata” before the season starts. This was the company’s last performance before the pandemic lockdown begin.

“As the phoenix rises, we are forced to adapt… but I leaner, meaner, better, and ready to adapt to any kind of change the wind will bring,” Lisa said as she ended the interview for Philstar.

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