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8 Valuable Mother’s Day Gifts you can get for your mom during ECQ

8 Valuable Mother’s Day Gifts you can get for your mom during ECQ


With the lockdown imposed, one good thing that it has given us apart from being safe to coronavirus, is the time to reflect. More than ever, we realized that the most important in our lives is our families, especially our mothers. During ECQ, they never faltered to take care of us. In return, it’s only fitting to celebrate them by showering them with gifts to show our love and appreciation.

It’s Mother’s Day once again, but unlike before when most of us are busy with our careers ECQ has forced us to be with our dear moms. It’s like going back in time when they prepare our meals and fix our beds. They shaped our lives and our values and is the most influential person in our lives.

Having said that, it’s only right to pour them with gifts and give back to them. If you will notice, we chose self-care gifts only as this is the best way to pamper them. Their jobs are 24/7 and they’ve been taking care of us all our lives so it’s only right to give them the best gifts possible.

Since we can’t treat them to a wellness spa or salon during this lockdown, this may narrow down your choices online and bring home these self-care products. Scroll further to see our Mother’s Day gift recommendations and let us know your gifts.

Aivee Clinic’s Mother’s Day Skincare Kit

This ECQ is the perfect opportunity to adopt a skincare routine that they have put off because of taking care of us. Check this Mother’s Day kit from The Aivee Clinic to help them look younger.


Hair Brushes from Hair Brush Expert

Hair loss is a common problem of our moms and this brush has a moving vent that can help blood circulation for a healthy scalp that may prevent hair loss and this Yao Hairbrush from Korea is a perfect gift.


Beauty Treatments from Belo Beauty

Belo is giving out 20% Discount for its beauty treatments that our moms can use post ECQ and mind you that you can buy as many as you can.


Hair care Treatment Products from Marqed Salon

Since salons are closed, our hair needs much-needed care and there’s no better gift than a hair care treatment that you can get from Marqed Salon.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This hair kit can be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. According to the experts, Dyson Supersonic can dry your moms’ hair without exposing it to too much heat. It’s time to let go of the old and noisy hairdryers and give this to your mom as a gift.


Friendly Shoes by Be Friendly

These adaptive shoes are perfect for our moms and grandmas since these shoes have a protective cushion for better support and a slip-on, zip-up design to ensure mobility. When you age, you struggle with trips and falls and these shoes can protect them for that. What better way to show your love by protecting them right?



Netflix Lifetime Membership

Since ABS-CBN has shut down, your moms’ favorite daily companion is gone. It’s best to get them a Netflix Membership that they can use for entertainment. This can uplift their spirits during these trying times.



Masterclass Membership

Learning never ends and your moms might want to learn some new skills and can be mentally stimulating for them.  Subscribe them to Masterclass for them to enjoy valuable learnings from world-class gurus.





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