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5 At-Home Date Night Ideas That You Should Try During The Quarantine

5 At-Home Date Night Ideas That You Should Try During The Quarantine

Regular date nights are important to keep the spark alive. Due to the quarantine, a date night that doesn’t make you feel anxious probably feels like a distant memory. However, weekly date night should still be a part of your routine with your partner. Remember, practice social distancing, and only go outside when it’s absolutely necessary.

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5 At-Home Date Night Ideas That You Should Try During The Quarantine

It’s crucial to your relationship and even your mental health to feel connected and satisfied with the one you’re not distanced from. Plus, it would give you something to look forward to during the long quarantine. So, here are 8 at-home date night ideas that you should try with your partner:


Happy Hour

Since you and your significant partner are probably doing your own thing during the day, plan a time to “meet up” for an at-home happy hour. Tell them to meet you in the living room or kitchen at a specific time. Make some easy-to-do cocktails in which ingredients already exist in your pantry.

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Game Night

A little “friendly” competition can get the sparks flying, even though one of you would probably cheat at some point during the night. Bring out your chessboard, Monopoly, or even your Scrabble. You can stick to one game or make a whole tournament with different games throughout the night.

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Dinner By A Candlelight

Only one of you probably cooks dinner each night, likely the one who has more time or more experience in cooking. However, cooking together turns dinner into quality time. Grill some steak for dinner and light up a candle to have that extra fancy touch. You can also wear fancy clothes or even just a little spray of perfume to make it more special as if you’re at a fancy restaurant.

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DIY Spa Experience

Quarantine aside, who needs to go to a spa for a couple’s massage when you have each other? Granted, one may complain about a longer massage than the other. But, playful argument aside, add a few drops of lavender oil into your favorite body lotion and take turns treating each other with a massage. Don’t forget to scatter rose petals, turn on the air purifier, and a few scented candles for a more romantic touch.

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Movie Marathon

Don’t settle on the same Netflix show every single night. That can wait until tomorrow! Plan a special movie marathon and watch as many films as you can get through your favorite franchises. For example Harry PotterStar Wars, or Hunger Games. You can also pick a genre the two of you love and watch several films from that genre. Put your phones away and snuggle up.

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