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5 Underrated Filipino Rappers Making A Name In The PH Hip-Hop Scene

5 Underrated Filipino Rappers Making A Name In The PH Hip-Hop Scene

The hip-hop scene in the Philippines is perhaps the most prominent and well-established in South East Asia if not all of Asia. Since the 1990s, hip-hop in the country has flourished and given rise to famous rappers who are still prevalent. It reflects the brilliance and creativity of the country’s rappers. So, if you’re a fan of hip-hop in the country or if you want to be one, check out his underrated rappers to look out for.

5 Underrated Filipino Rappers Making A Name In The PH Hip-Hop Scene

Third Flo’

Jefferson Buenviaje is better known in Pinoy hip-hop as Third Flo’. He is a prolific emcee and the creator of the underground hip-hop label 187 Mobstaz Entertainment. He hails from Tondo in Manila and is well-known for the hood-themed song Territoryo, which has over a million views. Third Flo’ also founded a collective of Pinoy hip-hop artists called 727 Clique.

Photo Credits: Third Flo’

Moreover, he is a devoted basketball fan who uses the Mamba Mentality every day throughout his rap career. A legendary NBA player, Kobe Bryant, popularized the term “Mamba Mentality.” He even wrote a song in honor of Kobe Bryant called Mentalidad ng Mamba.

Also, in 2015, he released his digital album, Musika’t Diskarte. His song Mala Abueva, a homage to PBA-Gilas Pilipinas legend Calvin Abueva, with whom the rapper got to perform the song, is one of his most well-known hits.

Arvy T

Arvy T, also known as Regie Valdez, is an underground rapper with a unique voice and rapping skills. In 2009, he began rapping and on February 26, 2020, he joined YouTube and posted some of his songs there. Rap, in his opinion, is similar to painting in that it allows you to express your emotions and innermost thoughts. He considers rap to be art.

Photo Credits: Arvy T

The first time Gloc 9 took notice of him was when he joined a project Gloc 9 had created called Takdang Aralin, where he wrote about it. He was also grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Gloc 9 on the song Sabi Nila. After that, he had the opportunity to work with Gloc 9 again, but this time on a song called Sana including Gloc 9’s daughter. Indeed, an interesting artist to look out for with so much potential.

Himig Borhuh

Himig Borhuh is an Urban Melodic artist from Quezon City. He is also a member of the band Purples n’ Oranges. He takes control of the MIDI sequences to add some eargasmic and nostalgic flavor to the music of the past, present, and future. In 2018 he was nominated for an Awit Award and in February 2019 he performed at Myx.

Photo Credits: Himig Borhuh

Additionally, he worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He shared the stage with artists like December Avenue, Julian Jordan, Dash Berlin, Al James, Shanti Dope, Because, Legit Misfitz, Ben&Ben, and Dash Berlin, to name a few. Additionally, he gave performances at various well-known concerts and events in the city. Undoubtedly one of the rising rappers to watch out for.

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Young Blood Neet

Young Blood Neet, also known as YB Neet, is a rising star in the Philippine hip-hop scene who is known for his lyricism and flow. After two years in the industry, major hip-hop artists are suddenly clamoring to work with YB Neet. Moreover, his ground-breaking song Balaclava has amassed over 800, 000 streams on digital platforms and has continued to gain popularity since its debut.

Photo Credits: Young Blood Neet

Young Blood Neet, as talented as he is, also conceptualizes, produces, and edits his music videos. He stated in an interview that one day he hopes to act as the lead actor in a movie that he will also produce and direct. YB Neet is committed to making an impact in the music industry. He approaches his aims with a volume-shooting mentality.


Rapper Ralph Juachon, commonly known as Illicit, is a well-known 727 Clique member from Quezon City. He has won honors on his own from many media, including CNN Life. By producing singles like Smoke, Flame, Volume, and Tiwala, he has made a reputation for himself. He has a musical vision that is distinctive to the country’s hip-hop scene. He became well-known in the country’s hip-hop scene thanks to his straightforward yet thought-provoking lyrics.

Photo Credits: Illicit

Whether in the streets of Manila or on the beaches of Boracay, you can often hear the trap-lite beats of different rappers on the radio. The country’s hip-hop scene will become more prosperous and vibrant as more aspiring and rising rappers emerge.

These underrated rappers are consistently evolving and improving hip-hop through their music, not just establishing a reputation for themselves. We anticipate seeing them more in the future. We are now witnessing more as Pinoy hip-hop evolves.

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