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Filipino rapper Flict G releases inspiring hip-hop anthem ‘Aking Lahi’ MV

Filipino rapper Flict G releases inspiring hip-hop anthem ‘Aking Lahi’ MV

Filipino rapper Flict G has finally dropped the official music video of his new single Aking LahiInterspersed with performance, it also features Flict G looking through the camera and spitting bars. Meanwhile, the music video also depicts various footage of activists. Then, they redress their grievances on the streets to uphold human and labor rights. And, hip-hop artists ‘lipping’ the lines in local language or dialect.

According to Flict G, Aking Lahi also received its inspiration from the social injustices and inequalities that the Filipinos currently face. Then, it became the acclaimed hip-hop artist’s response to the social realities of our time. It also became the way to educate listeners on the various issues that affect us—individually and as a nation.

“Sa tingin ko kailangan ma-boost ang morale nila kahit papaano at magsilbing paalala sa ating mga kababayan na mas malakas tayo kapag nagkakaisa (I think it’s important to somewhat boost their morale, and remind our fellow countrymen that there is strength in unity).”

Filipino rapper Flict G releases inspiring hip-hop anthem Aking Lahi MV

Flict G wrote Aking Lahi himself. However, to make the material more effective in capturing the Filipino regional experience. He also asked some of his friends in the local hip-hop community to translate some of the verses into 13 different languages other than Tagalog. Namely:

  • Ilocano (Patrick Vidal)
  • Ibaloi (Patrick Bullet Silverio)
  • Pangasinense (Freaky Ky / Jason Haft)
  • Kapampangan (Arvee Belonio)
  • Bikolano (Mikidee Michael David)
  • Waray (Ronmark Labasano)
  • Bisaya (Hizuka Sato)
  • Ilonggo (Tuglaks Joren Machan)
  • Maranao (Salman Mambuay)
  • Maguindanao (Asnawe Baraguir Mawe)
  • Tausug (AJ Shinoda)
  • Yakan (AL Mohtaz Abubakar)
  • Chavacano (AJ Shinoda)

The result is a powerful anthem of resistance and inspiration, unifying diverse voices to demand meaningful change within the system.

Musically, Aking Lahi also propelled from ethereal vocal samples and confrontational beats. Then, it marks the rare moment where Flict G delivers a stirring performance that doesn’t glamorize or preach but imparts an important message instead. Acclaimed beatmaker Cursebox produced the powerful hip-hop track. Meanwhile, he has worked with the likes of Kyla, Ex-Battalion, Alex Gonzaga, and DCOY. It was written by Flict G himself.

The music video of Flict G’s Aking Lahi is out now on YouTube via Sony Music Philippines. 

Special thanks to HR Lumanog, Seth Johnson, DGMate, Merlyn Cahalim, Chris Quintana, and PAMALAKAYA-Pilipinas for the music video stills.

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