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Product Photography featuring Avon Products

Product Photography featuring Avon Products

I am neither a photographer nor interested in photography, but I had fun in our Photography class last semester. We learned different compositional techniques, creative techniques, and other components of photography.

The moment our final requirement was announced, I immediately thought of doing product photography because there was no need to leave the house. In addition, all I needed to execute my idea was a phone, improvised lighting, props, and the subjects.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is the process of photographing the physical features of a product. It has the goal of presenting them with the best possible photographic representation. Product photography is mainly created for advertising a particular product.

Why Avon?

My mother works as a direct seller for roughly 16 years at Avon, a global beauty company. She is a typical salesperson you would encounter selling products to our relatives, her kumares, and other prospective customers.

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During those 16 years, my mother managed to see my brother and sister receive their college degrees all thanks to Avon, who allowed her to earn and save some money. 

And I think it’s incredible to capture their products which played an important role in our family’s success.

So here are some of the results of my combined effort, the beauty of the products, proper lighting, and some decorations to make the look more physically appealing.

Avon Products

Sometimes, aside from the technicalities of photography, all we need to pull off a successful outcome is the ‘story’. The story that motivated me during the shoot, the editing, and while writing this article.

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