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3 Things You Have To Add In Your Wellness Routine

3 Things You Have To Add In Your Wellness Routine

With gyms closing down, junk food becoming the norm, and skincare getting sacrificed, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused traditional wellness routines to go out the window. We work at home, sleep more often, laugh a little less, and worry a little more. We’ve become more focused on avoiding a virus and less about toning up. Wellness shifted from ‘getting better’ to just ‘being okay.’ We have stopped doing the habits, routines, and practices that made us feel cared for.


3 Things You Have To Add In Your Wellness Routine

air purifiers

We have had extra time spent at home. It has become no surprise that we fell curious about how healthy and clean our homes really became. You’ve learned how to wipe the counters, sweep the floor, and wash the sheets. However, one area of the home that we often overlook: the air. You have to add air purifers in your wellness routine. Since indoor air can contain up to five times more levels of certain pollutants than outdoor air, you surely need an air purifier. It uses filters and fans to remote harmful particles like dust, bacteria, allergens, smoke, and pollen. Then, it circulates the purified air back into the room. And, the trend has rapidly grown. So, do your research ahead of time – especially to see if it will be effective in your space, for your concerns, and what type of air purifier remains most effective.

tracking stress

Forget about tracking steps. We have remained inside for more than a year, I’m pretty sure there are no steps to track. And, even when we’re at home, we feel more stressed than ever. Thankfully, a gadget finally exists that will not only monitor how much anxiety we feel. But, it also encourages us to do something about it. Different brands have multiple ways on claiming to track stress. Some devices monitor blood and oxygen to sense shallow breathing. Other devices, on the other hand, measure electrodermal activity on the skin. Multiple devices also alerts you to take deep breaths or an on-the-spot medication if it senses high stress levels.

digital mental wellness

People often believe that technology has become harmful to mental health, thanks to the comparative and damaging nature of social media. However, technology can be used for the good, too. Although the Philippines still have a long way to go, mental health no longer remains a secretive topic. The mental wellness world has gone digital. Of course, this comes due to the scary year/s we’ve been having as we focus on the necessity of our mental health without having to meet a therapist in person.

Although having a therapist remains a crucial part of wellness, many of them have gone on portals where you can text them in real-time. Aside from that, online communities have also started to provide safe spaces to connect, meditate, and focus on your wellbeing. Take your mental wellness digital with meditation apps like Calm where you can improve sleep quality, reduce stress or anxiety, improve focus, and turn to self-improvement.

Take care!

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