3 Art Studios Around Metro Manila to Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Oftentimes, we find ourselves glued to our mobile phones and computer screens due to the demands of work or school. And more often than not, we forget the fulfilling sensation of getting both our hands and mind into crafting.

But unlike how less we give importance to it, allowing time for recreational activities benefits us more than we thought. Doing leisurely activities can actually be therapeutic as it helps divert our attention from all the stress surrounding us. Hence, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of our jobs is definitely something we have to seriously consider.

Perhaps trying out a new hobby or learning a new skill is what might strike your fancy. A few recreational activities we can consider can include making handicrafts, ceramics, or painting. Now, if you’re looking to try out new hobbies and explore various crafting activities that will help you unleash your inner creativity…

Here are a few art studios around Metro Manila that offer creative courses to help you spark a new creative hobby:

Photo Credits (Left to Right): MWM Manila via Instagram | Craft MNL via Instagram | Sip & Gogh Congressional Avenue via Facebook

Mess We Made Manila (MWM)

Perhaps when we think of aesthetically pleasing tableware, what comes to mind are the beautiful ceramics from Mess We Made Manila. Made with love from human bare hands, MWM’s ceramic plates, bowls, and cups usually come from their art ceramic courses. In these two-hour courses, visitors get to learn the process of making DIY ceramic ware out of pre-colored materials. Moreover, the students learn a variety of techniques to experiment with to achieve their desired designs.

With each class, students get to create molds of a plate, a bowl, and a saucer of their own design. These molds will then be left with MWM for a good 3-4 weeks to bake them into a kiln. Once they’re ready, the molds are open for pickup or for delivery.

MWM’s courses are open to all ages and are beginner-friendly to anyone who dares to try them out. Additionally, they also offer private classes and group courses for their visitors to choose from. It is located at Southbank Cafe & Lounge, Westgate Center, Alabang.

For more information, you may check out their official website or contact them on Instagram.

Craft MNL

Seeking to unleash your inner artisan skills? Then, Craft MNL is the place for you to go! This art studio offers various crafting classes and creative activities for aspiring craftspersons of all ages. They offer workshops on basic sewing, brush calligraphy and embossing, DIY carpentry, woodworking, soapmaking, mosaic making, and screen printing. All activities mentioned allows their students to delve into the artistic expression of their inner thoughts via handicrafts they get to take home after each class.

Their office is located in Makati City, and if you’re interested in booking their classes, Craft MNL offers private workshops and team-building sessions. Furthermore, according to their website, Craft MNL offers a mix of in-person and online workshops to cope with the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about their workshop classes, visit their official website or shoot them an inquiry on Facebook or Instagram.

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Sip & Gogh

Picture this you’re on a day off, and you’re off to a place executing your artistic prowess while sipping wine. Isn’t that just the dream? Luckily, that dream can no longer be just a dream. Enter the country’s first-of-its-kind paint and sip studio – Sip & Gogh.

Sip & Gogh is an art studio that has several branches around the Metro Manila Area. It offers artistic workshops teaching its students key painting approaches and techniques via a casual and laid-back approach. During their workshop sessions, the studio provides all the necessary art materials for their classes. Additionally, as implied in their brand, the studio also serves its students complimentary snacks and drinks to enjoy.

Sip & Gogh’s paint and sip studio provide classes for aspiring artists of all ages. They offer open sessions, where students get to freely express their artistic thoughts, and guided sessions where instructors give a step-by-step guide on recreating a featured image. The workshop has several branches in Eastwood, Alabang, Ayala Heights, and many more.

For further details or to schedule a workshop session, visit Sip & Gogh’s official website.

Break yourself free from the tedious and monotonous cycle of work and responsibilities. Allow yourself to get a breather with the abovementioned art studios to finally get your hands on crafting!

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