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Why Social Media Cleansing is a Blessing?

Why Social Media Cleansing is a Blessing?

Social media can be pretty toxic, and a little break from it is a blessing in disguise. Here are some benefits of Social Media Cleansing.

In today’s world, if you do not have an Instagram account or not even scrolling through your Twitter and Facebook accounts, it means you live under the rock. This is how inevitable, social media is.

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Social media has an undeniable positive impact on our lives, you can achieve almost everything.  From connecting to everyone, online shopping or even learning how to make delicious foods.

Above all that positive things, it comes with unpleasant factors if we depend on our phones and social media accounts too much. Even though it can help out life a lot easier, it can affect mental and physical health.

However, Prevention is better than cure, we can obviously prevent this. That is why are here some tips and the benefits of Social Cleansing.

Let’s Start The Social Media Cleansing

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What do we exactly mean by “Social Media Cleanse”?

Also known as social media detox, it involves distancing oneself from any social media apps and platforms, and simply just taking time off away from your phone, whether it’s a day, week, month, or year. Furthermore, it is highly recommended and scientifically proven to improve mental performance and make you feel at peace and happier.

Have a new routine, delete those apps that occupy you, talk with you family, and be more. active in your real life outside the social media world.

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Darling, we should not let that habit consume our life, because why do so? Here are five awesome benefits when you decide  to go on a social media cleansing

Awesome Benefits

  • Appreciates special moments. Just live in the moment rather than always grabbing your phone for posting. Instead of being obsessive over other people’s lives, let’s try to cherish simple and special moments with our loved ones. Let’s try to just live in the moment rather than always grabbing your phone to post it, enjoy and be present.
  • Better self-confidence. We tend to be insecure about what we see on social media. “Perfect body”, “clear skin”, “successful life” and “beautiful face”, these things are perfection that social media offers. Social media is not reality. We want perfection even if we are already imperfectly perfect. Value yourself and stop trying to be someone you saw on the internet. Social Media Cleanse will shift you from comparing yourself to loving the real you.
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  • Your anxiety will reduce. Studies have found a strong link between heavy social media consumption and an increase in depression and anxiety. This is because social media creates a way for people to prove how pretty, likable and successful they are and that creates competition on how many likes, comments, and shares they get. It causes constant posting and worrying on our part.  Relax and take a step back from that toxic routine.
  • More Connection with People. Disconnect in your social media life and be connected with your real life. Having a real conversation, or in other words, face-to-face communication is important for relationships to grow and last. Although social media, connect you with people and create friendships, you should remember that quality time and presence are the best.
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It’s not that bad to depend on social media, as it applies to almost everyone, however, we should not forget also the limitations. Let’s have boundaries between that social media world and our real world. Taking a temporary break may scare you, but giving it a try can be good for your well-being. To sum it up darling,  cleanse is good for you because being offline is a new luxury.

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