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Why I think you need courage to leave a toxic relationship

Why I think you need courage to leave a toxic relationship

Have the guts to end unhealthy relationships. Any relationships go through ups and downs. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. But, relationships that are constantly draining and distressing are alarming. If you think you are in a toxic relationship, then have the time to consider these things and have the courage to leave.

The time to leave toxic relationships

There are instances when people just felt stuck in a relationship. Sometimes, we love too much that we can’t walk out of the suffering and abuse were going through. In these cases, the victim will become more damaged by staying in unhealthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships can manifest in all forms. It could either be physically, verbally, emotionally, or mentally.

Love shouldn’t harm you. When your partner frequently causes you physical harm, it’s best to end the relationship. Love shouldn’t physically harm you. It can be considered physical abuse if your partner’s behavior causes you injury. Additionally, relationships shouldn’t be intended to bring you down and discourage you.

Love ought to encourage comfort and growth. It is alarming if your partner frequently yells at you or disparages you. You shouldn’t be forced into a predicament where you believe that what they said was said to keep you safe. Keep in mind that the harsh words he can use against you have a limit. Do not let his words have power over you. Protect your emotional and mental well-being at all costs.

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When we are in love, our judgment may be clouded. We might not see it but maybe we are suffering from toxic relationships without realizing that it is draining us. Too much love could also kill. You must remember your worth as a person. Do not settle for less. Bear in mind that any form of abuse should be an automatic relationship ender.

I know how hard it is to walk away especially when you have once pledged to yourself that no matter what you will not leave. But we shouldn’t endure pain. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. If it is draining you, it is not worth staying in anymore. Relationships should help us grow, and not drain us.

So, make a decision. Be firm and have the courage to leave toxic relationships.

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