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What it feels like being the ‘unica hija’ of the family

What it feels like being the ‘unica hija’ of the family

Unica Hija is usually the term that we use to refer to someone who is the only girl in the family. It has a lot of advantages. But, there are also disadvantages attached to the term. Of course, every family has a different dynamic and these might vary from one to another. However, being the unica hjija of the family sometimes make it feel like a challenging and painful ordeal.

What it feels like being the unica hija of the family

You are the princess of the family.

Obviously, being the unica hija gives you that feeling of entitlement as the princess of the family. Some may not feel like one. But, for their family, she is their only princess. She is cherished and loved unconditionally, sometimes even more than she deserves.

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All of your things and clothes are entirely yours.

This may be the most wonderful perk of having no siblings. You get to enjoy all of your girl stuff and clothes by yourself. Unless you have cousins with you at home. Of course, it’s nice to have someone to share these with you. But, your things and clothes are entirely yours.

You’re a daddy’s girl.

If you’re an unica hija, you probably got to experience a close father-daughter relationship. Then, eventually, everyone just tags you as a certified #DaddysGirl. It’s not a competition but some people say that dads connect better with their daughters than their sons. Of course, there are people who have intentionally and unintentionally absent fathers. Your mom got you! She can be both your mom and dad, for sure!

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You got your brothers as your instant superhero or bodyguard.

Whenever you need something you left at home, for sure, either your dad or brother is just one call away. You got yourself someone who will fetch you anytime, anywhere. You are the unica hija in the family. Thus, you are protected all the time. It’s like under any circumstances, or any problem, you got your own superhero at your back ready to fight for you. Their commitment to protect you and guard is so overwhelming that sometimes they are more invested with your boyfriends than you.

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However, being the unica hija of the family isn’t as easy as others know. We have different kinds of families. Yours may be peaceful, and mine may be chaotic. What I feel as the only girl in the family may not be the same as what you feel. I, myself being the unica hija of the family, requires big responsibility which I bear as I grow old.

The same goes for you, as the only girl – you are one of your family’s bundles of joy! It’s a privilege, I tell you. We got each other’s back, sis! xoxo.

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