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VP/Exclusive: The Metamorphosis of Jessica Villarubin

VP/Exclusive: The Metamorphosis of Jessica Villarubin

She hung down from a little branch and formed a chrysalis to grow. Unfolding her graceful wings, Jessica Villarubin changes and develops into a butterfly. She flutters, flies, and leaves sparkle in your eyes. Fulfilling yesterday’s dreams and promising tomorrow’s rainbows, she colorfully sings the truth with hopes from above. She lets her worrisome times depart away as the sun breaks through the clouds, chasing the gray away.

 The Metamorphosis of Jessica Villarubin

Born and raised in Cebu, Jessica became the breadwinner of their family. She joined amateur singing contests that sustained their livelihood and her college education. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she risked going to Manila. This comes in hopes of reaching her dreams and giving her family a better life. Of course, she succeeded as she became the grand champion of the third season of The Clash. Thus, grant us see the metamorphosis of Jessica Villarubin.

“I’m really grateful po sa lahat ng blessings na natanggap namin ng pamilya ko. Alam naman natin an dahil sa pandemic, madaming nawalan ng negosyo at trabaho. Napakahirap ng sitwasyon natin ngayon. Pero malalagpasan din natin ito. Basta magdasal lang tayo sa Panginoon at huwag mawalan ng pag-asa.”

More confident than ever.

After months of being away from the spotlight, the Power Diva graced her fans with an appearance in All Out Sundays. With her incredible vocals, she performed for her fans with an attitude – more confident than ever. People have always linked physical appearance and self-esteem together. One’s perception of how they look can have a big impact on the value they place on themselves. Of course, this also affects how much self-confidence one has in their day-to-day lives.

If a person wants to enhance their looks, they shall.

And, the thing is – people are not born with high or low self-esteem. It develops over time and can fluctuate. One’s perception of their own appearance may change over time. Jessica felt the same way. She started thinking of enhancing her looks when she studied in college. Then, when she won The Clash, she finally decided to do it. If a person wants to enhance their looks just to feel more confident and happy about themselves, they shall.

“If you want to enhance your beauty and if it makes you feel good, then do it. As long as wala kang tinatapakan na ibang tao. And, whenever I feel confident, it improves my craft in singing.”

A collaborative effort.

In an interview with Jessica, she talked about the world-renowned dermatologist Dra. Vicky Belo. After seeing the results of her new look, she admitted to feeling more confident and happier.

“It turned out to be a collaborative effort po. Sinabi ko ‘yung gusto ko ipa-improve. Then, may mga suggestion din si Dra. Vicky Belo. And, okay naman po ako kasi siya yung mas nakakaalam kung ano ‘yung bagay para sa akin… I feel more confident. And, happy po ako sa naging resulta.”

Aside from Dra. Belo, she also had an association with Marqed Salon’s Creative Director. Of course, Mark Anthony Rosales took care of her hair. Jessica used to have long hair that reached the middle of her back. Now, she has a long bob that suits her face shape more. Belo and Rosales, of course, gave her pieces of advice.

“Actually, same po silang dalawa ng advice na binigay sa akin. To always keep my feet on the ground. Kung maganda ang panlabas, importante pa rin na maganda ang kalooban. And, to always pray.”

Jessica Villarubin, a versatile performer.

Jessica wants people to see that she remains a versatile performer. Despite already winning The Clash, she still wants to learn and improve her singing. Aside from that, she also wants to try performing other genres of music. She describes her new single Ako Naman as an inspirational song.

“It can be about love or your dream. Para sa akin, I can relate it more sa dream ko. Kasi ang tagal ko din naghintay bago ko nakamit ang pangarap ko. Madami man pong pagsubok at paghihirap pero hindi talaga ako tumigil para abutin ito. Believe in the power of timing. If para sa’yo talaga, then God will help you to make it happen.”

The metamorphosis of Jessica Villarubin made her more confident. She sees her worth the same way people did. Her self-esteem rose high and her life followed. She finally has this moral elegance – evidence of one’s self-acceptance. Self-love, that only she can choose for herself – an equal balance between her inner and outer life that no one else can remove.

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