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Underrated Greek Gods and Goddesses

Underrated Greek Gods and Goddesses

Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Zeus, as we all know, deposed his father and then ascended to the position of King of all Gods. We are also familiar with Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Hades, the god of the underworld. We could, for instance, make a list of the well-known gods and goddesses we learned about in school or from watching movies or documentaries.

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However, this article is about the underrated ones. The one who, in my opinion, also merits recognition. Greek mythology is one of my favorite topics to research, read, and watch. In a previous phase, I even went further and looked up some made-up mythologies by authors on Wattpad, which I then consumed, a fantastical world I found to be utterly fascinating.

Thus, these gods and goddesses, like every deity invented before and since, are embodiments of human solipsism. Here is my list.

The Horae

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The Horae consists of three sisters, which are Thallo, Auxo, and Carpo. They are the offspring of Zeus and Aphrodite. The sisters were known as the goddesses of order and justice, seasons, and the natural portions of time.

They traditionally guarded the gates of Olympus, promoted the fertility of the earth, and rallied the stars and constellations. The phase of the seasons was also metaphorically represented as the dance of the Horae, and as a result, they were given the characteristics of spring flowers, fragrance, and graceful freshness.

Now isn’t that just so Godly? they deliver with grace and power. For me, I do like the drama of it all, but seeing Goddesses with such roles in Olympus, constellations, and life on Earth is particularly moving. Something about them appeals to me, and I wish they were better known.


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Anteros is the God of requited love (literally “love returned” or “counter-love”) and also punishes the ones who weren’t interested in love or those who didn’t reciprocate or unrequited the love of others. He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite. Eros, the god of love, is the more recognized sibling than him.

I find him fascinating that his role is for the brokenhearted. Something that could be so sincere stems through him. Who wants unrequited love? Anyone shouldn’t be played with their pure intentions, especially now we have Anteros.


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Asclepius was a hero of the Gods. Being the god of medicine, healing, and the power to resurrect the dead. He was the child of Coronis of Thessaly, a mortal, and Apollo, the Greek god of medicine.

His name may have come from a birth narrative that meant “to cut open.” According to the earliest accounts, Apollo killed Ischys after Coronis displayed infidelity by having a sexual relationship with a mortal named Ischys.

Apollo saved the child by removing him from Coronis’ womb after Coronis was killed by Artemis for being unfaithful to Apollo and placed on a funeral pyre to be consumed.

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How baffling Asclepius’ upbringing was. He was dubbed the God of medicine for saving lives and raising the dead right after the murder of his mother. I wonder if he would forgive his mother and want to resurrect her.


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Greek mythology describes Tartarus as both a God and a location in the underworld. He is Ge and Aether’s son. According to legend, Tartarus is a deep abyss that serves as both a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and a Titans’ prison, where the spirits of evil men are said to be punished for their crimes.

According to Plato’s Gorgias (circa 400 BC), Tartarus is the location of the after-death judgment of souls and the place where the wicked received divine punishment. Other gods could be sentenced to Tartarus as well. Now isn’t that just so scary and powerful?

Now we know that Hades is the God of the underworld, but Tartarus is a badass too.


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Oizys is a goddess of suffering, misery, anxiety, grief, and depression. She is the offspring of the god of darkness Erebos and the goddess of night Nyx. In Roman terminology her name is Miseria, the word “misery” was derived from this.

Now.. Isn’t that just gloomy? I hope a story would be written about her because it would make a fantastic plot! Additionally, Momos, the Goddess of blame, is her identical twin sister.


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Tyche is the Goddess of chance, fate, and fortune. She embodied both the positive and negative aspects of these traits. Ancient Greeks believed she was the source of both the good and bad events in their lives.

When someone succeeds in life without having to work hard for it, they claim Tyche blessed them at birth; however, they also accuse her of being responsible for their misfortunes.

According to Matheson, the Goddess Tyche was frequently worshiped as the personification of a city and its fortune. Matheson also claims that there were Tyche cults all over the Mediterranean. In Athens, for example, citizens would pay homage to Agathe Tyche alongside other gods.

Although Goddess Tyche is indeed known, but did you also know she appears on many coins from the Hellenistic period? Talk about having two sides to a coin.

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Importance Of Every Deity

If these underrated Greek gods and goddesses hadn’t been created for the crucial roles they played, Greek mythology wouldn’t be as fascinating. These tales explore the origins and nature of the world, as well as the lives and exploits of gods, heroes, and other mythical beings. In addition to the bizarre upbringings of Gods and Goddesses from various affairs.

The vicious and vengeful, fierce and merciless, power and insecurity, deceitful and insane: the chaos we love that Greek Mythology ever so feeds us.

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There are plenty more important gods and goddesses other than the famous ones like Aphrodite, Ares, Persephone, or Athena. Greek mythology is filled with details and more mayhem thanks to these deities’ offspring. Therefore, know that every role is crucial for the sake of everything, regardless of how little or how few details there are about a particular deity.

You can learn everything there is to know about Greek mythology thanks to the internet and your inquisitive minds. And make the underrated Greek gods and goddesses more well-known.

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