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What Does Over-Communication in a Relationship Mean?

What Does Over-Communication in a Relationship Mean?

We understand that open communication is an essential part of connectivity to any relationship, particularly romantic ones. However, you might need to adjust your strategy if communication isn’t returned or results in conflict. 

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But what does “over-communication” in a relationship actually mean?

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Many couples therapists have observed that one or both partners might fall into patterns of over-communicating, where they are expressing all of their feelings and thoughts about themselves and their partner.

What over-communication implies?

Over-communicating with your partner—an unhealthy way of telling them everything you feel, think, and want—runs the risk of making them feel as though they can’t live up to your expectations and as though you’re holding them responsible for your own reactions and behaviors.

It also refers to the situation where you feel that nothing has changed and you and your partner are just always arguing and conversing. For instance, your partner can become emotionally exhausted from all of your talking and start to distance themselves or stop talking altogether. Additionally, if you feel ignored or rejected as a result of this, you might pursue them with your communication even more vehemently, which will only make matters worse.

What can you do to meet your needs and strengthen your connection with your partner?

Consider what you want

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Any relationship can never fully satisfy your wants. A smart place to start is by being clear about what you need and what you believe is missing for you. Is it financial stability, excitement, stimulation, or emotional support? It is ultimately up to you to take charge of meeting your own needs, and your partner is there to support you in doing so.

Always be respectful

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Are you treating your partner with respect when you speak to them? Mutual respect is established by treating others with the same courtesy and consideration you would show a friend or coworker. To establish good communication and a healthier relationship, pick a place and time that work for you both.

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Control your anxiety

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If you’re feeling anxious, you might overshare and talk a lot in an effort to feel better. However, doing so might irritate your partner, who might then disengage or shut off. The cycle of you talking too much and your partner shutting down could then develop. Understanding how to control your anxiety will help you communicate more effectively in relationships and can lessen this pursuit-avoidance tendency.

Relax and think about it

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Be ready to leave the situation for the time being and take some space to collect yourself if talking doesn’t work to solve the issue.

Taking some time for yourself can help you to think about the situation differently and to consider your own responsibility. Ask yourself what role you played in causing this issue. And stop criticizing your partner, instead begin examining the patterns in your own behavior. Change starts here as well.

It’s healthy to have conflict or disagreement in a relationship, and it doesn’t always have to end in a breakup. We just need to know how to handle it well and tailor our responses to fit the needs of the other person.

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