Things To Do When Your On-The-Job Training Is Coming

on the job training

You may be in your junior-senior year right now that’s why you’re here to ease yourself about the on-the-job training. Moreover, it’s quite scary because you got so used to studying, then your school will require you to attend OJT’s. Oh, I know that feeling of being anxious about what’s going to happen during my training!

Things To Do When Your On-The-Job Training Is Coming

First and foremost, train yourself to be early.

Before the training, of course, you need to practice your punctuality. Furthermore, you must learn to set aside your mañana habit or your procrastination. Be punctual when you email an internship intent to the employer. When they respond early, don’t waste time and send your response as soon as possible, too.

Moreover, your employer has so many things on their list so you better not waste their time. You can also use your punctuality when you do your duties so that you can finish early during the training.

Second, prepare your curriculum vitae/resume, and your application letter.

Let your application letter reflect your eagerness to work in a certain company. Moreover, write down how you found about the company in your letter and how you think your skills will become helpful. And for formality, you can say that you’re hoping to hear from them at their earliest convenient time.

In your curriculum vitae/resume, include ONLY the skills that will be helpful in the company. Moreover, include the schools you’ve last attended alongside your senior high strand and your current college course. Both the application/cover letter and the curriculum vitae/resume will reflect your eagerness and your compatibility with the company.

Third, try and search up your name on the internet.

The company that you’re applying to may use the internet to find out more about you. So be sure that your online identity and how you present yourself are socially acceptable to the employer. This is why we should be mindful of how we present ourselves because it can affect our future applications. This idea is derived from a TikTok content creator, Lyqa Maravilla, RPm.

Fourth, you may develop your own techniques as you do your duties if you must.

This is your chance to find an easier way to do your tasks, but in this, you can do it correctly. Since we are in an online mode of learning, even on-the-job training is affected. Moreover, you are the one who manages your own time. Also, never forget to eat on time and to get enough rest so that you can perform your duties better.

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You may also develop your own techniques (in the media industry) like; taking care of your topics’ featured photos first in the morning, finishing your articles by afternoon, and you will generate more topics and have them approved on the same day so that you can start early tomorrow. From that, it saved you more time without cramming and stressing yourself out.  However, these are just my personal takes during my OJT’s, this article can help anyone regardless of our differing tracks.

Lastly, warm yourself up that you have to set up a routine before starting your training.

This is the part where you’ll train yourself to wake up, bathe, eat your breakfasts, and start your shift as early as possible. Moreover, you’re going to have a job, so don’t be too tardy even if you’ll be working from home.

Remember that this is an upcoming ON-THE-JOB TRAINING. Like a free trial of how your chosen track would feel after college if you managed to pursue your possible profession. It’s an experience and a glimpse of how a workplace feels like.

I know that the training might chicken you out because there will be changes, but know that you got this!

Good luck to those students who have an upcoming OJT this year or next year. We are all rooting for you. Don’t forget to trust yourselves and believe in your skills!

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