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Saying “no” to hanging out with friends is normal and totally acceptable

Saying “no” to hanging out with friends is normal and totally acceptable

We, obviously, enjoy doing and exploring things – spending time with friends and also spending money to get what you want. It’s not a bad thing though, as long as it makes you happy and you’re not offending or hurting someone. But, not all people like a happy-go-lucky life. And it’s not that bad too.

For a little bit of context, I am a type of person with a lot of circles of friends. As I move from one place to another then transfer to a school after school, I developed friendships in every place. And, these people really love to hang out. I like it too, but I consider everything before deciding and saying yes. As a working student, I manage my time properly so I won’t miss something important.   

Saying “no” to hanging out with friends is normal and totally acceptable                 

My friends used to invite our set of friends and other workmates and have a few drinks. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I usually say no. Sometimes I join them but I only share stories and comfort someone in need. When they offer me to take a shot, I also say no. I may sound killjoy, but I go home early. My friends know me well to not force me to stay, especially when I have work or school the next day.

Because of this, I can save time to rest and still browse my notes to study. I don’t want to cram my activities so I always finish them first before going to bed.

Another thing about me is not staying for long at a party. But sometimes, my siblings are the common reason, messaging me not to exceed my curfew. Yes, I am in my 20’s but still have a curfew. I don’t hate it actually because I am not used to parties. I don’t usually attend the after-party, yes I get curious how it went. But, I always think about what my brothers and sisters will say when I go home late.

Truly, it’s a boring life that I am into. However, going home early saves time. I can still rest and help at home the next day. Do some things more important such as doing my school activities.

Next, my girls mostly get bored at home so they will ring my phone and invite me to meet up. And we end up going to the mall, window shopping, and eating. Spending money here and there. But, I am not that girl who got 6 digits in my bank account. So in the end, I turn them down and just stay at home.

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With this, I can do my chores at home. Washing my dirty clothes, my shoes, my bags, and any material I can wash. Also, I have time to clean our room. Another productive day it is.

To sum it up, yes you can tell my life is boring. But, as for me, it’s a normal way of living. And I am still young and still a student. I can still enjoy my younger years after I got a stable job and am earning a good amount of money. Just for now, I wanted my day as productive as a working student. Also, it’s not only saving time but also saving money.

By saying no, I can have a productive day and save time for myself. No, I am not wasting my youth days. Yes, I only have a few more years before leaving my age in the calendar numbers. However, having fun can always be there anytime anywhere. Soon I’ll be enjoying myself. But for now, I’m gonna say no for some. To save some time and to have a productive day, any day.

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