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The SM Mall of Asia Globe being “stolen” is a PR stunt for Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’

The SM Mall of Asia Globe being “stolen” is a PR stunt for Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’

SM Mall of Asia Globe stolen Red Notice

Have you ever marveled at the beauty of the iconic SM Mall of Asia Globe? Well, on Saturday night, it was reportedly stolen, and as expected, it caught the attention of people online.

SM Mall of Asia Globe stolen Red Notice
Photo courtesy of SM Mall of Asia Facebook Page

The viral Facebook video of the globe being stolen

Chester Tangonan, one of the netizens, shared a video on Facebook. It was straight out of an action movie as the globe was seen being taken by a red helicopter. The huge sphere has been the symbol of the mall since its opening in 2006.

“Spot nyo ‘to, guys! Nakunan ng dashcam ko ngayon lang na tinatangay yung MoA globe! Ano yon?”

(Guys, spot this. My dashcam caught the MOA Globe being taken. What is that?)

The mall immediately released a statement that they are working with authorities over the incident.

“SM Mall of Asia is currently working with authorities in investigating the MoA globe incident. With our security measures in place, rest assured that SM Mall of Asia continues to be a safe place for family and friends.”

Various people online have posted photos of the seemingly empty space where the landmark used to be. Several internet nerds trying to be detectives have started to piece together different theories.

Netflix PR stunt for Red Notice

They should be calming down now as it has been revealed that the supposed stolen MOA globe was a promotional stunt after all. This is all for the Netflix film Red Notice, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds.

A video was posted on Netflix’s Facebook page on Sunday to give clues on who “stole” the globe.

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“A masquerade mask was found on-site. This is marked as crucial evidence as it could lead authorities to the suspects.”

The video further revealed that the “MoA globe is back.” Scaffolding currently boards up the globe with a sign saying that it is under maintenance.

Red Notice has been released to Netflix worldwide on November 5. All I can say is their PR team is amazing.

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