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The Silver Lining of the ‘Snowflake Generation’

The Silver Lining of the ‘Snowflake Generation’

I believe you already heard the phrase, “You are such a snowflake!” from a parent or a teacher telling a youth.  In fact, the word “snowflake” refers to someone who lacks resilience, feels easily upset, and seeks attention. They are viewed as fragile as a snowflake—changing meaning and becoming a derogatory slang term. The snowflake generation is essentially being painted in a negative light.

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The term “snowflake generation” often applies to millennials and Generation Z. It connotes a generation that experienced parental indulgence. However, despite the unpleasant things being forced upon them, they possess some great qualities.

What are the silver linings of the “Snowflake Generation”

The call-out culture

If the snowflake generation has one thing in common, it’s that they don’t hesitate to voice their minds. As a result, the phrase “call-out culture,” which describes interpersonal conflicts on social media, recently gained popularity. Criticism is directed toward persons who have made mistakes, had problems, or have caused issues for others. The fact that the snowflake generation will call you out if you did anything wrong is a positive thing.

It’s a manner of the snowflakes to those who are called out to give them chance to speak about their issue and wrongdoings. A second chance to demonstrate their abilities, make amends for their actions and improve. Influencers and social media personalities typically encounter this. We want to remind these influencers of their following and influence. Additionally, they are reminded that they need to be more careful with what they post on social media sites.

The snowflake generation has utilized social media as a platform to speak out and advocate good causes. But, overuse of call-out culture has arisen. There are haters who pick out people who did nothing wrong and criticize everything. There are also those who make rude comments about others without doing their research or understanding more. Additionally, some people don’t give those who are being called out a chance, leading to the development of the cancel culture.

Sense of understanding and empathy

The snowflake generations also possess compassion and sympathy. They are sensitive, but they make use of this trait to understand many people with various struggles and experiences. To avoid passing judgment, this generation is receptive to learning new ideas. They have empathy for others who are going through difficult times and struggles in life. This is the reason why the current generation has been more open to providing safe spaces for marginalized groups.

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The snowflake generation values diversity and individuality in people. They are open and accepting of people in various situations and dealing with different challenges. They view others equally while avoiding stereotypes and prejudice. Also, people are being cautious about what they say and post on social media.

Additionally, this generation is fighting against injustice. They don’t hesitate to speak out about circumstances that they believe are wrong. Further, they serve as the voice of those who are oppressed and struggling. It is simple for them to provide a helping hand and they are not hesitant to speak up for others.

Igniting the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit

Since we discussed the snowflake generation’s helpfulness, it also correlates to their “Bayanihan” spirit. Bayanihan, which literally translates as “being in a bayan,” refers to one of the core elements of Filipino culture: cooperating as a group to achieve a shared goal. If petitions to protect the Sierra Madre Range need to be signed, they will be immediately signed by the snowflakes. They will provide necessary support wholeheartedly as long as it is for a good purpose.

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Furthermore, a lot of snowflakes support various forms of advocacy that support the underprivileged and marginalized. It simply demonstrates how socially conscious and active this generation is. They do not accept discrimination or injustice as a generation. Likewise, they do not give a platform to those whose views contradict their own. In essence, the snowflake generation possesses the motivation and self-belief necessary to change the world. 

Breaking destructive patterns

The snowflake generation’s awareness of their surroundings is one of their many positive traits. They make an effort to unlearn and relearn things. Like how they have been criticizing the country’s courting culture on Twitter, saying that it was love bombing and not a healthy approach to win over your crush. Additionally, the previous generation has normalized the romanticization of poverty and child labor. They believe that these ignite traits of people to become resilient and adapt to their circumstances.

The snowflake generation was also considered to be more sensitive to offense than earlier generations. However, the snowflake generation just did not think it acceptable to discuss topics that might be hurtful to them or to others. We must pay attention to them even though it may sometimes be too much. They are merely breaking the established patterns from previous generations.

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For instance, the previous generation believed that physical punishment at schools was a good approach to teaching kids about discipline. However, physical punishments that they find beneficial have the opposite negative consequences for children. It may develop into a lack of communication and emotional retention.

Further, the snowflake generation tends to be more aware of things. In fact, they evaluate each circumstance to make sure it won’t result in harmful things that previous generations normalized. They are ending stigmas and the counterproductive cycle that the previous generation constructed and believed to be appropriate.

They are not weak

Additionally, it is believed that the snowflake generation is less resilient and weak. However, they are the exact opposite of that and are not ashamed to expose their vulnerabilities. In fact, they are taking steps to turn these shortcomings into strengths and they are aware of their weaknesses. They acknowledge their shortcomings and flaws and they try to recognize their own self-worth and improve themselves. 

In reality, the current generation is persistent in defying the traditions of the past. Snowflakes continue to fight injustice, which demonstrates their emotional intelligence. Their determination to succeed in spite of the difficulties they encounter demonstrates their resilience.

In the end

Simply put, the snowflake generation was reshaping culture. They don’t put up with things that have become normal done by previous generations. Meanwhile, social media played a huge role in the snowflake generation’s upbringing as well. Social media made it simpler for individuals to advocate, petition, and help others. Also, the generation creates a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and discussion of mental health.

The wistfulness of the phrase “snowflake” as a precursor to impending winter has faded. Instead, negative statements regarding a person’s ability to endure in a harsh world have replaced them. The snowflake generation is opting to break with tradition rather than seeking an impossible-to-achieve utopia. The generation is merely adopting a firm stand on gender politics-related oppression, injustice, and other social issues.

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