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Advantages and Disadvantages of Breaks Between Tasks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Breaks Between Tasks

People cannot deny the fact that behind a productive day, there is the battle of breaks between tasks. You might find yourself holding your phone and scrolling, taking a break from your work. Sometimes you forget it for so long that you feel lazy to continue. Breaks have both positive and negative effects on our tasks and our lives. To continue, what do you believe is superior, the advantages or disadvantages? 


First, of the advantages you could get from having a break is that you get the chance to rest your mind. Too much time thinking and working may exhaust your brain. If your mind cannot think properly, it is better to take a break and let it breathe for a while.

After your break, since your mind already got a rest, it will help you refocus on your ideas or work. As a result, you can produce a better and bigger idea or become more creative in your tasks. Furthermore, becoming creative will make you productive, but it still depends on the person’s self-discipline.

Breaks can also help you relax! Work or tasks can be very stressful when constantly done. You may feel like having a breakdown because you know you need to finish it, but your mind is not working. So, all you need to do is take a short break or do something enjoyable to relieve and reduce your stress. However, you must understand your priorities, so return to your tasks afterward to continue your work.


Going to breaks between tasks has the disadvantage of slowing down your work because you are taking a break. Breaks should have a time limit, so you do not finish your task late. Taking a break will not harm your work if you know how to manage your time well. As a result, you must keep track of your work and rest periods.

Furthermore, being distracted is one of its drawbacks. Taking a break entails using your phone or engaging in other activities that may cause you to become distracted and forget that you have tasks to complete. Distraction is also bad if your task’s deadline is approaching.

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Moreover, breaks can lead to feelings of laziness. Since you are taking a break or relaxing, you may feel lazy continuing and find yourself resting for an extended period. You may become uninterested in your tasks if you are distracted by other activities. Being lazy will result in a mountain of work. Also, you will find yourself chasing the deadline instead of completing your tasks.

Breaks Between Task

Now that you know its disadvantages, you should also know that taking a break between tasks is acceptable as long as you know how to discipline yourself. The impact of a break depends on the individual, who should be aware of their limitations when taking breaks. Take a break if you are feeling exhausted, or your brain is not functioning well while performing your tasks. On the other hand, if your deadline is approaching and there is no time for a break, you can still allow your brain to breathe, but only for 5-15 minutes before continuing!

Having a break is important. Although, you must need to learn how to manage your time effectively to achieve better results! Continue your tasks, take breaks when needed, and then go back to have a productive and creative day.

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