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The Book Readers We Encounter

The Book Readers We Encounter

Have you, as a reader, ever stepped back and evaluated yourself? Let’s look at the books you currently have in your possession. You may have fiction, nonfiction or maybe a mix of both. Are the spines worn out from constant rereading? You probably like to place notes on the pages or highlight your favorite parts. Is your to-be-read stack higher than the finished ones? Do you notice these things about others as well? Let’s read about some of the fellow book readers we encounter!

The series readers

One day you see them reading this thick book. Then, a couple of days later, you catch them reading another that is just as equally thick. You ask what they are reading. Is it a new story? Nope. It’s just Book Two of a seven-part series. 

It’s like watching a television show or a Netflix series. They prefer something longer and a book series provides just that. They’re a lengthy read. Standalone books can obviously be just as exciting but there are those who just don’t want the story to end so quickly. There is the eagerness to explore the world, to further witness the development of the characters, and to just have the story going.

The speed readers

Can you imagine someone reading a 700-page novel in just two days? Or maybe within a day? 

Yes, they do exist. Readers who go through books with such speed doesn’t mean that they’re skimming. Sometimes, these people just finish a book that fast because they’re so engrossed in it. It is very difficult to put a good read down, especially if the genre is right up your alley. It becomes your priority and you do everything else early and fast so that you can have some alone time. 

Do you know a speed reader? Ask them how many books they have read this week. 

The book collector

The name probably makes you question why they’re listed if they only collect. They do actually read. It just so happens that they can’t pass up the opportunity to buy that book with the mysterious plot. Or maybe that novel they have been eyeing for weeks finally has a copy. Their stack just becomes higher.

Really, they’re saving up books to read because once they start, they might become the speed reader. 

The multi-readers

There are some people who have to finish the book they are currently reading before they can move on to another one. The reason for this is that it can become difficult to keep track of multiple stories. They could accidentally mix up the characters or the places. While that seems like a fun crossover, it can be confusing.

However, believe it or not, multi-readers exist. They could finish reading two chapters of one book, put it down for a while, and read a few chapters of a different book. 

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It might not be ideal for you but it works for them. Sometimes, they don’t have the energy for a specific genre so they pick up something that interests them. They could always go back to the first book once they feel like it. 

The note-taker

Are you the reader who likes to keep the copy of their books pristine? Or are you the one who writes their thoughts on the pages? Encircles your favorite dialogue? Or highlights an inspirational passage? You’ve probably seen photos of people doing that and they don’t just do it for aesthetic purposes. They don’t mind noting down some of their favorites in the book directly. 

In fact, it helps them find those parts easily if they want to reread them again. It allows them to process the writing more clearly and reflect on them. They could be so moved that they have to mark them, to emphasize its meaning. 

Own it!

There are more types of book readers out there and they’re probably a mix of two, three, or four. You may be like that as well. There’s nothing particularly wrong about it. If it makes reading all the more fun for you, own it.

Be that type of reader!

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