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Swoon-Worthy Romantic Comedy Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Swoon-Worthy Romantic Comedy Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Love may be in the air, but let’s be honest, trying to plan a Valentine’s Day date can feel anything but romantic. Sometimes, it’s extra stressful planning something that your beau would love to do with you. But, the thing is, just spending a relaxing day with a very special someone is enough. We can skip all the hustle and bustle and watch a movie that makes you both feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Swoon-Worthy Romantic Comedy Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Crazy Rich Asians

The 2018 movie is painfully honest, emotionally ridden, and irresistibly relatable. Rachel and Nick are no ordinary couple, only she has no idea. But, when they go to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, he leads her to a first-class cabin.

She, then, falls into a fairytale-like story of a modern-day Cinderella. Her prince is a businessman-slash-heir. You and your beau can watch this movie on Valentine’s Day and swoon over the gilded homes, opulent settings, and flashy outfits.


You and your beau can swoon on this love story on Valentine’s Day, charting a relationship between two women in 1950s New York. Carol is a New Jersey housewife whose bewildered husband knows of her relationships with women. However, he thinks he can still make her love him by endlessly reminding her of propriety and her duties as a wife and mother.

Carol, then, finds herself entranced by a young shopgirl named Therese. The movie catches the slightest flicker of movement across a woman’s face, her lips curling into the faintest hint of a smile. It also has a slightly fuzzy feeling that may be because it was shot on Super 16 mm film, making any viewers feel like they won’t ever stop tumbling in love. 

Notting Hill

The 1999 movie has a larger-than-life storyline and a beautiful soundtrack. Plus, it has also aged well and has become a cult classic. It revolves around an American movie star Anna Scott and divorced travel bookstore owner William Thacker. 

The premise may be basic, simple, and uncomplicated. Not much else happens, small inconveniences, and problems that needed overcoming. It’s a very simplified version of reality. And, the movie will extract so much emotion from you and your beau on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just a simple story. 

The Proposal

The 2009 movie revolves around a tyrannical book editor Margaret and her long-suffering assistant Andrew. She is a Canadian in danger of being deported and orders her assistant to marry her for a green card. They blackmail each other in their prenuptial hostage negotiations.

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Then, they fly off to Sitka, Alaska to meet his family. Aside from top-notch comic performances from the ensemble, you and your beau can swoon over the family solidarity, love as the new foundation of a joyful life, and a surprising lesson on the female lead’s part on Valentine’s Day. 

Love, Simon

The 2018 socially-relevant movie revolves around a teenage American boy named Simon who has a huge ass secret. He hides his sexuality and struggles with the secrecy of it all. He begins a digital romance under different pseudonyms. Things start to unravel after Simon is forced to come out to everyone in his life. 

The movie is very important as it has become the first major studio-released teen film to feature a gay lead. Aside from that, the film has also confronted the process of coming out, a process that a lot of people will potentially have to go through. You and your beau can laugh, cry, and celebrate with Simon on Valentine’s Day.

Did you have a favorite romantic comedy movie that you and your beau would watch on Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

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