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INSTAGRAM RAID: IG-worthy bikini fits we’re stealing from Chie Filomeno

INSTAGRAM RAID: IG-worthy bikini fits we’re stealing from Chie Filomeno

I know you’ve heard it: Chie Filomeno has been evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The reason why she was voted out is a topic of controversy all over social media. This started over Madam Inutz’s (real name, Daisy Lopez) reason on why she wanted Chie out of the house:

“…wala naman siyang mai-ambag sa bahay kundi pagpapaganda.”

Madam Inutz on Chie Filomeno

Although we acknowledge the petty reasons for Chie’s eviction, and as unfortunate (hurtful, even) as that was, there’s nothing we can do about it. But with her guesting lately, I guess it would be safe to assume that she’s taking a step away from all the ruckus, and into the opportunities at hand.

Besides, whether she is inside the Big Brother house or not, Chie Filomeno is pretty. There are no questions on that. In fact, she’s so pretty, we’re stealing a couple of her bikini fits as seen on her Instagram snaps!

If there’s anything I learned upon browsing on Chie’s IG feed, it is the fact that she loves herself some good bikini. But she won’t just throw on any bikini, she’ll make sure that the fit’s IG-worthy. And honestly, we’re obsessed!

Bikini + Button down

Nothing like a fresh, crisp button-down shirt to upgrade a bikini look! It makes you look as prepared as it makes you look effortless, and Chie is a testament to that.

Sporting a high-waisted bikini and white button-down combo, she paired it with a natural makeup look and side-swept hair that seems to scream, “Oh, hi. Just casually lounging here, didn’t see you there.” And honestly, don’t we all wish we could look as good as her?

Another version of this get-up was on a snap dated 2019. This time, Chie aimed for a more tousled look and paired her microkini with an oversized linen button-down. She finished off the look by tying the button down to crop it!

Seriously, it’s giving us a summer forever vibe, especially with the beautiful beach in the background!

Bikini + Hat

Chie’s smize completes her high cut, animal print bikini, and bucket hat look! We love how Miss Long Torso over here makes us confused if we want to be on a getaway too, or if we simply want to look like her – preppy and fierce!

If you want to look a bit more casual and easy-going, then pairing your string bikinis with a baseball cap is the way to go.

With this look, it seems as if you’re ready to take on the world (or the sea)!

Bikini + Denim shorts

This is probably a plus one for Chie’s casual looks. Perfect for walking or lounging by the beach, she paired her cutout bikini with denim shorts, giving emphasis on her tiny waist by adding a leather belt.

I most definitely adore the blue-on-blue ensembles!

Do not forget your acid-washed denim shorts as they can also go well with your triangle bikini top! Just look at the calm sea awaiting Chie as she relaxes in the comfiest (and Insta-worthy, of course!) spot. Enticing!

Bikini + Puff Sleeves

Our beach day category is extra! Who knew beach wear could be preppy?

Well, Chie certainly did! Just look at her wearing a classic bikini bottom, elevated by those puff sleeves! She looks like a Filipina Doña ready to take a dip, complete with her accessories. And honestly, it’s the hair that ties this look together.

Sporting the same hairstyle, a black string bikini, and a velvety puff-sleeved top, Chie is more than ready to conquer the beach – after taking some photos, of course.

Maybe Chie ended her Big Brother journey earlier than the others, but this could mean that going back to what she loves is at hand. Although she was voted out before the public got to know more about her, much like the vastness of the sea, Chie Filomeno is more than just what we see. She’s more than just a pretty face.

There’s really no perfect time to go to the beach. Don’t wait for the summer to do it. Allow yourself to feel at peace with sand in between your toes, and with the salty wind in your hair. Revitalize your soul as you take a dip in the cool water of the sea.

And when you do, think of the time Chie inspired you to go rock that adventure in your bikini!

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