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Styling the color yellow in five different fashion aesthetics

Styling the color yellow in five different fashion aesthetics

Just like orange, I have always liked the color yellow. For years, I’ve listened to people say that the color isn’t a flattering color to wear. But, I beg to differ. As a person with brown skin, there’s something about yellow that looks as if it’s perfectly made for my skin. Besides looking great on my skin tone, it actually makes me feel happier as it contains a multitude of emotions, everything from attention-grabbing to energetic. 

Styling the color yellow in five different fashion aesthetics


This aesthetic requires long, loose-fitting, flowy dresses, and skirts. Aside from that, you can also incorporate puffy sleeves and handcrafted accessories. So, I recommend a calf-length dress with fluttery sleeves. Then, complete it with a cute pair of Mary Janes, a hair bow tie, and a handwoven bag.


Grunge is particularly famous due to its wholly androgynous outfits. It invokes a sort of edge to their personality. So, I recommend a grunge outfit that features a must-have in this aesthetic. Wear your trusted ribbed sleeveless cropped top with a yellow and black tartan pair of pants. Of course, complete the outfit with a black leather jacket, platform combat boots, and a leather bag. Then, accessorize it with black and gold to make it perfect.


Recently, this aesthetic appeals to me more due to its comfort and individuality. Grab a white long-sleeved top and a pair of yellow corduroy pants. Accessorize with silver chains, rings, a watch, and studs. Then, complete the outfit with a black utility vest and a pair of yellow Nike dunks.

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This aesthetic, on the other hand, is the one that made me love dressing up. This outfit, on the other hand, looks a little like a soft academia girl. So, grab a yellow cardigan, white skirt, socks, and a pair of white Nike sneakers. Then, just accessorize accordingly.


Baddies deserve to look bright in yellow, too. Grab a yellow bodycon dress, an oversized leather blazer, and platform leather boots. Then, make sure to grab accessories to make everything look aesthetically-pleasing.

Which yellow outfit do you prefer best? Let me know!

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