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Rufa Mae Quinto will be in the cover of a US Magazine

Rufa Mae Quinto will be in the cover of a US Magazine

Rufa Mae Quinto, set to grace the cover of a United States-based magazine!

Rufa Mae Quinto-Magallanes — a Filipina actress, comedian, television host, and, sometimes, singer. She is known for her movies such as Bobba (2001), Captain Barbell (2003), Pasukob (2007), Desperadas (2008), and Status: Single (2009), to name a few.

She had an amazing run as a comedienne, as an actress, over the years. She is known for her funny catchphrases which are often used by other comedians. Now, she will be gracing the cover of a US Magazine.

Rufa Mae was only supposed to visit her husband for two weeks in the US last year. It’s when she got caught up in the lockdown measures that were put in place to arrest the spread of COVID-19. She and her daughter Athena decided to stay.She and Trevor Magallanes tied the knot in November 2016 and welcomed Athena in February 2017.

The comedienne shared a goddess-looking photo of herself on Instagram. The photo showed her with her body covered by flowers and plants. Her impressive figure still very much evident.

She wrote,

I had the pleasure of shooting with one of San Francisco’s top photographers [Vincent Gotti] for an upcoming magazine cover in Showbiz Hollywood.

According to her, even she had a hard time grasping this opportunity as a reality. Thus, she encouraged others to continue pursuing their dreams. “Nothing is impossible,” she said.

In Filipino, she wrote,

I can’t explain to my husband that I’ll be in a Hollywood magazine ‘cause I can’t believe that I’ll be with the best of the best.

Vincent Gotti, a San Francisco and Los Angeles-based fashion and editorial photographer also shared the photo on his Instagram account. It read,

A little teaser of what’s coming up for her first magazine cover in the US. The gorgeous and very funny comedienne [and] actress from Manila.

The magazine will be released on May 11.

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