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Routinary life things I do to treat myself after a rough week

Routinary life things I do to treat myself after a rough week

As you get older, do you also think that life is getting harder and harder? Do you notice the gradual change in your every move? From being a child, now you are a responsible citizen, child, friend, and person in the world you live in. But, with this amount of responsibility you have in hand, how do you relieve yourself? Do you have lots of ways to do to treat yourself after a rough day or week? If none, then you need to check this out in order for you to have an idea of how to do these things.

Routinary life things I do to treat myself after a rough week

You only live once, so do what you want but inculcate in mind that your rights end when others begin. So, to give you suggestions on what to do after a hectic schedule and a hell week, well here it is.

Have a bath.

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After a tiring day, it is a must for us to get some baths first before doing anything or going anywhere around the house. For me, it has been one of the most effective ways to release stress since when I bathe, I feel like everything was rinsed off even my own problems and all.

Indulge in what life has to offer – food.

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Now that you’re done taking a bath, the next thing to do is eat. Eat anything. Do you want a steak? Go, get it. Do you crave pasta? Go, cook it. Eat whatever you want and take it as a reward for yourself as you survive another day of the year. Here, you can have desserts like chocolates since they obviously can make you active and hyper anytime and anywhere you go.

Catch up on sleep.

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Last but not the least, give yourself a deep and good sleep. It is obviously important since you’ll need to recharge your drained body for the next day.

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Here, I suggest that sleeping in a cold and dark room will be the most comfortable place you could sleep since it has been working for me for almost years.

So, there we have it. We have three (3) different ways to treat yourself after a rough day or week. I hope you had learned something and I hope it’ll work on you too.

Just remember that “You don’t need to rush anything”. You are making it. It may be slow yet, you’re getting it there. Continue what you are doing, my little warrior. It’s always “Be a warrior, not a worrier”.

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