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Let’s take some shots from these notable photographers

Let’s take some shots from these notable photographers

Name it, this country has someone with a talent for it. If you’re keeping track, this is already our third article bragging about our local photographers and this ain’t even the last one yet!

It’s no surprise that we are home to the brightest creatives and we’d like for you all to have a chance to meet these talented artists.

Rxandy Capinpin


Rxandy is a conceptual and fashion photographer, he makes a perfect blend of art and class in his works that has garnered him a great following. He already collaborated with numerous celebrities as well as a variety of brands we see in stores including Teviant, Clinique, among others.

Andrea Beldua


This young Filipina Andrea has been admired in the scene because of her enthusiasm in her chosen craft. Early in the business, she’s already trusted with notable projects such as shooting for international brands and this generation’s brightest stars. This includes Netflix’s ‘You’ lead actor Penn Badgley (yes, she did that!), Julia Barretto, Toni Labrusca, Elisse Joson, and Kyline Alcantara.

Miguel Alomajan


Known for his edgy style in taking photos, Miguel has captured the audience with his striking work. He was behind some of the awesome materials of brands with the likes of Penshoppe, Oppo, and Zalora. He also is a staple in stylish magazines in the country such as Star Style, CHALK, and Status. A well-loved figure in his industry for his passion and fantastic personality!

Gee Plamenco


He has explored the realms of beauty, fashion, and advertising as one of the men behind the curtain. His outputs are as dreamy and polished as it gets, which is why most celebrities and companies trust the guy! Gee have been among the masterminds of beautiful portraits of modern personalities like Gabbi Garcia, KC Concepcion, Jane de Leon, Janine Gutierrez, and many more!

Toff Tiozon


Visual artist Toff Tiozon has developed his knack for the camera throughout his pursuit of making content look the best and most pleasing to all markets. He has handled some of the gorgeous covers of prominent magazines such as Mega and publicity shoots of known movies and shows in the country, making him a force to be reckoned with in his art.

Regine David


Regine appeals to today’s aesthetically-inclined audience with her mesmerizing photos which illuminate her signature style. It’s out of the ordinary, a trait we all love. Who’s not tired of the boring, anyway, right? Her portfolio screams art and we just admire her and look forward to seeing more of it in the pages of mainstream magazines and big projects.

Koji Arboleda


Aside from the cutie that he already is, Koji makes his photos just as appalling to his clients! Each is well curated and clean. We love an artist that pays attention to the details!

Mark Neto Diaz


An image stylist as described and he totally lives up to the title. Mark exudes elegance in his works, something we applaud him for, of course. No wonder he is trusted by the beautiful faces of the covers of high-end brands such as Versace. Safe to say this man is globally competitive, watch out for him!

Renzo Navarro


A budding photographer, Renzo should be getting the attention he deserves for his talent. In the portraits, abstracts, and landscapes he has produced, we know there is more than meets the eye for this one.

Ahleks Fusilero


A UP-CFA graduate, Ahleks proves that he learned a lot in the well-thought out results of his photos. Even as he is still testing the waters in the industry, he shows that he is worthy of recognition and notice!

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