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Pack Your Bags to The Sims 4’s Newest World, Copperdale

Pack Your Bags to The Sims 4’s Newest World, Copperdale

Pack Your Bags to The Sims 4’s Newest World, Copperdale

Sulsul Simmers! The Sims 4 recently unveiled a major update: High School Years, their newest expansion pack. As we all know, surviving high school has never been easier, but The Sims allows its players to fully immerse themselves in the experience!

Heading to Copperdale

Once a thriving and bustling mining town, Copperdale is nestling near the banks of Lake LaSuli. Introduced in The Sims 4 High School Years, it is a residential world divided into three neighborhoods. According to legend, its founder, Jasper Prescott, foraged the land for natural minerals and valuable crystals. It is also the location of Copperdale High School, the only high school in the game where players can place their teens. Rumor has it… Copperdale is most likely a play on the popular TV show Riverdale.

The neighborhoods…

Gather your belongings and set out for Prescott Square. Copperdale’s charming and picturesque town square is named after its founder, Jasper Prescott. It is a popular afterschool spot for students from high school.

Prescott Square | Sims Community

It is the home of ThrifTea, a thrift shop, and a place where Sims can grab a bubble tea. Prescott Square also houses the Lakeview Library. It is an excellent location, particularly for Copperdale High’s academically minded students. Players can find the gazebo and the boardwalk where Sims can socialize, eat treats, and take a romantic stroll. Sims can also visit the infamous Bloomsbluff Mystery House, where Jasper Prescott’s ghost is lurking around.

ThrifTea | Sims Community

Onward to the next destination… Plumbite Cove! Sitting beside Lake LaSuli, it was once a renowned location for mining rare gems. However, after the mines closed, Copperdale transformed it into a lovely view with its breathtaking waterfront. The Carnival serves as one of Copperdale’s most admired landmarks. Aside from the magnificent shoreline view, the carnival offers a variety of attractions– from ferris wheel to a cuddle cart, and even a haunted house to explore. Sims can also enjoy food and drinks from the carnival stand.

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Plumbite Cove | Sims Community

The tour concludes in Rockridge Heights, which is home to Copperdale High. The ideal setting for the teen Sims to discover themselves both inside and outside of the classrooms. A variety of interesting lots surround the high school, such as the football field, where afterschool activities such as cheerleading are held.

Rockridge Heights | Sims Community

The auditorium accommodates the students during prom and graduation. There is also an outdoor amphitheater near the auditorium. Students who do not wish to eat in the school cafeteria may purchase snacks from vending machines at the nearby convenience store.

Copperdale High | Sims Community

Today’s tour may have ended, but for Simmers, Copperdale will always be a never-ending journey!

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