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OPINION: My Favorite TV Lesbian Couples Of All Time

OPINION: My Favorite TV Lesbian Couples Of All Time

A lot of networks and online streaming platforms have started to introduce audiences to fantastic gay couples for many years now. And, they have started to become a pretty inclusive place when it comes to romantic queer storylines. Some of them have happy endings while others didn’t exactly end in a happily ever after. But, these TV lesbian couples are my favorite ones because of how they were presented in their respective series.

Disclaimer on absent TV gay couples on the list:

I would have to put a disclaimer, though, that there are TV lesbian couples here that won’t be on the list Alex and Piper from Orange is the New Black, Casey and Izzie from Atypical, and Emily and Sue from Dickinson. Although they are cute, I have to admit that I haven’t necessarily finished watching the entirety of those series. So, they won’t be on this list.

OPINION: My Favorite TV Lesbian Couples Of All Time

Brittany and Santana | Glee

Brittany and Santana started off as best friends. Then, they became best friends with benefits which were hinted at in various instances during the first season alone. Santana is often arduous in her relationships with other people. However, with Brittany, she embraces her softer side. At first, the brown-skinned beauty was closeted and was forced to come out of the closet.

Gaining her confidence, she embraces her relationship with Brittany. They had gone through a lot separately and together. But, being together was inevitable for Brittany and Santana. And, eventually, Santana proposes to Brittany and they get married to an extra TV couple that shares the spotlight, Kurt and Blaine.

Nomi and Amanita | Sense8

Nomi and Amanita… This TV couple truly has my heart. Nomi is 1/8 of the species of humans that are telepathically connected called sensate. Every sensate is part of a group or cluster of sensates that can connect and communicate with each other wherever they are in the world.

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One of the things that made me fall in love with Nomi and Amanita was the escape from the hospital. When Nomi collapsed and was locked in a hospital for a planned lobotomy by her parents, Amanita rushes to her aid and pretends to be a nurse as she pushes her girlfriend to safety.

It was a heart-attack-inducing scene but their love truly shone through. Nomi being sensate would have been weird for her. However, Amanita remained to have an open mind with the only thing that she ever seems to be truly frightened of is losing Nomi, her one true love. And, that says a lot.

How about you? Who’s your favorite TV lesbian couple of all time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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