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OOTD Inspo: Youtuber Bianca Gan’s Skirt Fits

OOTD Inspo: Youtuber Bianca Gan’s Skirt Fits

Skirts come in different sizes and lengths. And the most trendy one is the miniskirts, but lately, midi skirts and long skirts become trendy too. Well, anyways as long as you are comfortable enough to wear skirts then you’re good to go! Here we have a Youtuber Bianca Gan, and her skirt outfits to help you get some OOTD ideas!

We compiled some of Bianca Gan’s skirts OOTD for you to have an inspo!

Bianca Gan’s Skirt OOTDs

Outfit #1

This outfit is very school-friendly OOTD. Bianca Gan is wearing animal printed laced top with white shirt underwear, a black skirt, black chunky sandals with white socks, and a baguette bag. So simple yet so pretty! Steal this fit for your face-to-face classes!

Outfit #2

Another school-friendly outfit that is perfect for face-to-face classes. Wearing a brown and cream sweater, with a plaid skirt, Dr. Martens shoes with white socks, a baguette bag, and white sunglasses, Bianca Gan can be your face-to-face classes outfit inspo!

Outfit #3

Looking more edgy and chic, Bianca Gan wore a black crop top with sleeves, a brown skirt, brow boots that is such a chef’s kiss, a white baguette bag, and sunglasses. Love this whole look! So stylish and cool!

Outfit #4

The color combination of this outfit is everything! The cream tube top, white skirt, and cream boots scream perfection! She didn’t even style it too much which is right. She just wore minimalist accessories. That’s the whole attention is on her outfit! So pretty!

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Outfit #5

Such a cool outfit! Bianca Gan slayed this outfit wearing a white vest top, this cool black skirt with white detailed designs, sneakers, and black sunglasses. Awesome outfit!

Outfit #6

Wearing a white crop top, a Nike skirt that is absolutely dope, white rubber shoes, and a cream cross-body bag, Bianca Gan looks so fresh in this OOTD!

Outfit #7

Love the color combination once again, Bianca Gan rock this outfit of hers! She’s wearing an army green top with a light brown jacket, an army green long cargo skirt that looks so fire, and a white sneakers. That skirt may not be for everyone but girl, it’s so cool!

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