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NM Bicol with finest geology exhibit

NM Bicol with finest geology exhibit

If you enjoy museums and want to learn more about the unique geological landscapes of the Bicol region, the recently opened National Museum Bicol may be the place for you.

Highlighted in the National Museum Bicol is the Mayon Volcano and the geological landscapes of Bicol. The Bicol NM has outdoor exhibits, a botanical garden, and a butterfly sanctuary that is all free to the public, which sets it apart from other museums.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

Bicol’s unforgettable catastrophe

The Mayon Volcano makes Albay Province known, but aside from its majestic beauty, it can also cause tragic disasters. You will see the history of volcanic eruption, information about volcanic hazards, and precautionary measures during volcanic disasters through infographics and pictures as soon as you step into the museum.

Aside from the dioramas of volcanic eruptions, there is also information about other natural disasters such as typhoons. The exhibit includes the unforgettable calamities that struck the Bicol region. It helps in understanding the calamities that Bicolanos experienced. This helps Bicolanos to be prepared for these types of situations.

Bicol’s flora and fauna

A beautiful wall is adorned with preserved endemic flowers, plants, and animals. Each specimen has a detailed description and displayed in a round glass frame with amazing lighting with a view of the Mayon volcano and the ocean as a backdrop.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

A mini botanical garden is placed in a glass room, the rain and the sunlight can freely enter the roof. Rocks from lahars formed into a pyramid is in the middle of the plants.

In addition, the museum displays a diorama and an infographic depicting how Bicol region produces geothermal energy. It features famous tourist destinations in Bicol including Bulusan Lake, Lake Buhi, the Church of Nuestra Senora de la Portera (Daraga church), Saint John the Baptist Church (Tabaco church), and the Mayon Volcano Natural Park.

Museum outdoor exhibit

Outside you’ll find the butterfly sanctuary and the plant nursery. In the butterfly sanctuary, you can see butterflies flying around and perched on the plants inside their cage. Information about the different types of butterflies there is provided too.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

At the back of the museum, you’ll find a nursery for plants. You will observe the neatly placement of plants with a bench that is perfect for taking pictures.

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Cris Shella Camasis, a visitor to the museum, shares her impression of the place.

The nice exterior view of the venue exceeded the expectations and first impression I had from looking at the photos online uploaded by my friends, and the staffs are very nice.”

She thinks that the place is amazing and informative.

NM Bicol is located near Cagsawa ruins which visitors can visit before or after going to the museum.

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