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Modern Filipiniana and Barong Recommendations from Tiktok

Modern Filipiniana and Barong Recommendations from Tiktok

Graduation day is just around the corner, and many students now are looking for Modern Filipiniana and Barong to rent or buy for their most awaited school pictorials. Some of them frequently look for it in their local areas since it’s more convenient but for others, they prefer to purchase online as for the reasons that it’s less expensive compared to any other shops near them.

Now, with all these competing online marketplaces which sells different variety of Modern Filipiniana and Barong, I’m here to share some accounts and shops on TikTok that showcases lots of these items. These are as follows, if you want to see it.

Modern Filipiniana and Barong Recommendations from Tiktok

Let’s start with Filipiniana recommendations.

1. Krishawong

Krishawong contents are more on trying different types of products. It can be facial products for skincare, accessories, shoes and most especially are clothes. Now upon browsing her timeline, one of her videos contain herself wearing a Modern Filipiniana dress that seems to be perfect for your fast approaching school pictorial or graduation day. Kindly take a look at this.

Such a cutie right? Yet, here’s another video of her presenting lots of white Modern Filipiniana dresses that are also suitable for any of your next occasions in calendar.

Now that we already seen some Modern Filipiniana recommendations, it’s now time for us to take a look at these Barong recommendations.

2. Barong World

Barong World is a small business shop on TikTok that offers lots of premium kinds of Barong Tagalog. It can be in color of white, cream, blue, red and any other hue you found from the color wheel.

Actually, last year, they shoot one of their newest premium sets of Barong which can be seen in the video below.

Are you now satisfied or atleast having an idea on what style of Modern Filipiniana and Barong you want to have? Well, if not, here’s our last recommendation for you to scan.

3. Filipiniana Australia

Filipiniana Australia is a TikTok shop that presents both modern styles of Filipiniana and Barong to any of their costumer all around the globe. Their shop is Melbourne, Australia based yet, they have international shipping so there’s no need for you to worry.

As a matter of fact, they have lots of sample pieces of Modern Filipiniana and Barong in their contents and to show you some of these, here they are.

What an adorable pieces of Modern Filipiniana and Barong, right? So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to search for these shops and place an order right now.

PS: If you have other Modern Filipiniana and Barong shop recommendations, comment it down below for us to see it.

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