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Defining Influences: Sing Street’s Misanthrope

Defining Influences: Sing Street’s Misanthrope

A personal favorite, John Carney’s Sing Street premiered in 2016. It is a musical film filled with hints of class struggle, camaraderie, and realism. Formerly written in a plot with a young boy forming a band to impress a girl. The film did more than create friction between the main character and the dream girl type. It dips its toes in the struggle with religious authorities. Placed a troubled young man into an unfamiliar Christian Brothers school after facing poverty and parental problems. This film created an endearing tone toward different character dynamics.

Sing Street (2016)

Sing Street’s Soundtrack

The film’s soundtrack held the film’s ground with its choppy plot and detachment from the characters. It is rather an integral part of the movie because of the original yet, familiar sounding musicality. Deriving from bands such as Duran Duran, The Cure, and other 80s bands. Cosmo’s absorption and apprenticeship with his brother engaged in learning the music of his time. Shaping his then band, Sing Street’s musicality, and overall sound.

I think the movie’s own depiction of the nostalgic 80s bands made it closer to home. Since there are familiar sounds that are highly invested in showcasing their influences, the soundtrack never failed the film. It provided an important aspect of Cosmo’s growth as an artist and as a person. Leading to much more relatable character development as the movie progresses.

For Brothers

Sing Street’s closer revealed that it is more than Cosmo’s love story but rather, fulfilling his own direction and purpose. Something that his brother longed for during his stated “peak”. With this ideation, the considered dynamic of the two entails a shift in their lifestyles.

With the lack of an actual career, his brother became the embodiment of the narrative “those who cannot do, teach”, where his character can only root for Cosmo. Either way, his narrative should also be held responsible for blaming Cosmo for his own downfall, a feat that he surely acknowledged in the latter act.

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Their constant push and pull between the center character invited a certain theme of idolization. Being Cosmo’s main influence is his brother, their similarities are highly evident. However, the context within boundaries is intriguing with their own self-loathing and self-realization.

Potential Classic

Overall, the film is an enjoyable piece of work. Reached into multiple themes but, failed to grasp them. The introduction of different characters with one-dimensional traits did not also help the plot with Cosmo’s sister and the bully. Both lacked actual personalities, filler characters did not engage in shaping the main character’s journey.

Sing Street (2016)

They only gave a simple nod to his imaginary stardom. However, the musical side of the film successfully wrapped audiences within their fingers, leaving them with something to sing about.

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