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Mac Miller and his music is keeping me sane right now

Mac Miller and his music is keeping me sane right now

The following quote is some lyrics from Mac Miller and his song, Come Back To Earth. And, how I wish he would really be able to come back to earth because right now, his music is the one keeping me sane.

In my own way, this feel like livin’
Some alternate reality
And I was drownin’, but now I’m swimmin’
Through stressful waters to relief
Yeah, oh, the things I’d do
To spend a little time in Hell
And what I won’t tell you
I’ll prolly never even tell myself
Don’t you know that sunshine don’t feel right
When you inside all day?
I wish it was nice out, but it look like rain
Grey skies are driftin’, not livin’ forever
They told me it only gets better

Mac Miller and his music is keeping me sane right now

Mac Miller (or his real name Malcolm James McCormick) is a grammy-award winning rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 2007, at the age of fifteen, Mac Miller already started to make his name in the rap scene. He was able to release his breakthrough album mixtape K.I.D.S in 2010 after signing a record deal with independent label Rostrum Records.

Mac struggled with his addiction and substance abuse, which he often referenced in his lyrics. Due to unfortunate incidents, the world lost Mac Miller in 2018. But even after his demise, Mac’s music still has an everlasting effect on the hearts of his fans. Almost four years after his unfortunate death, Mac Miller’s music continues to be my go-to music.

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Whether I’m feeling good or a bit down, Mac got a song for everything.

But, during tough times, it is where I appreciate Mac’s music more. Whenever I am going thru a hard time in life, listening to his music can somehow blur my feelings away and make them feel validated. It almost feels like he’s out there comforting you.

I feel like the reason why Mac’s music has that effect on me, and on his other fans as well, is because he’s honest and genuine. He knows that he got some demons to fight in his head, and we all do as well. Knowing that there’s also someone who is also fighting their own demons, is somehow a relief. Knowing that you do not alone give us comfort.

As Mac once said, “Music is a beautiful thing.” He is surely right.

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