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Kindle unconditional love with Ben&Ben’s New Song “Dear”

Kindle unconditional love with Ben&Ben’s New Song “Dear”

After bagging five wins including Album of the Year at the recently concluded Awit Awards 2022, Ben&Ben returns with a new single that captures the essence of unconditional, romantic love which is loving without forcing or expecting anything in return.

Setting itself apart from the conventional themes that are often about love, the nine-piece band is encapsulating the love earned through perfect timing and experience.

Straight from experience

In their song “Dear,” Ben&Ben interprets love with a love song that is relentlessly straightforward in its messaging.

Ben&Ben | Sony Music Entertainment

“We think it’s equally important to drop any notion of wanting to deliberately steer clear of potential sounds and themes we may have already done when being unapologetic and honest in songwriting and arranging. Like in love, the more you fight the feeling, the more one might feel internally dissonant.”

Statement from the band

Written by Paolo and Miguel Benjamin, “Dear” serves as a reflection of the band’s collective and individual experiences with love and how one becomes stronger after going through bittersweet lessons in life. The song is first played at A.R. Rahman’s Firdaus Studio during their time at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Dear is a song that tries to capture the feeling of a deeper kind of romantic love; one that begins when a person surrenders the pursuit of a lover itself to a higher power.”

Statement from the band

From a production standpoint, “Dear” evokes that ageless feeling of nostalgia and intense conviction while capturing the sound of a generation drawn into ‘70s singer-songwriter calm and pop-rock liveliness. 

“Not only were we able to use their world-class studio space and equipment, but we also had the pleasure of working with the stellar team at Firdaus Studio, including Peter El Khoury, Alexander Theux, Theodore Danso, and Ali Hassan. Unlike most of our tracks that we record individually in the studio, we decided to record this one together as a full band, and we feel the final track really reflects that more ‘old-school’ feeling of looseness and authenticity.”

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Statement from the band

Unconditional and true love

Ben&Ben hopes that music fans will connect instantly with the song and get a very valid answer to the question, “How do I know when I’m sure about somebody?” As the Paninindigan Kita act puts it;

“We also just really hope this song connects people together in a way that they remember the people in their lives whom they can really call ‘Dear’ as well.”

Ben&Ben’s “Dear” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the recorded live version on YouTube.

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