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Helpful Tips I Learned From Overnight Camping for Tickets Selling

Helpful Tips I Learned From Overnight Camping for Tickets Selling

Ever since lockdown and strict protocols were lifted, artists began to hold fan meetings, concerts, and tours left and right. I bet our savings have been preparing for this, since forever! And as a hardcore fan’s belief, we only see them once in a blue moon! So why not go for it, right? Not only do we experience intense emotions during D-DAY, but this also includes our struggles during the ticket-selling process. One way to increase chances of securing is to go overnight camping outside mall premises.

Yes, I have the expenses, but…

But what? Ah, yes! Securing tickets is not as easy as we thought. With the combination of “pandemic fans” and eagerness from years of being unable to see them, the demand definitely increases.

As an NCT fangirl, I know that I should prepare for the absolute worst the moment they announce their concerts. Thus, I meticulously plan my strategies even before concert organizers officially release guidelines. Advanced plan of action is the key.

Waiting for online ticket selling just isn’t enough, especially when we live in a country with slow internet speed. And so, I resorted to camping a day before the ticket sales. This is not a new tactic; in fact, fans from different fandoms are already practicing this since pre-pandemic.

online ticket selling frustrations
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It’s quite funny to think I’ve never tried camping outside before, not until my idols decide to perform here. Hence, I would like to share my personal experiences prior to ticket selling, especially for beginners like me. If you plan to go overnight for ticket selling, then these tips I learned might be helpful for you too!

Bring your essentials!

This should be first on the list when preparing your camping agenda. Do NOT bring a huge bag. Remember, you are camping for a ticket sale, NOT for a mountain hike. Such essentials include:

  • Hygiene kit (alcohol, facemasks, wet wipes, tissues, etc.)
  • Vaccine card and valid IDs
  • Wallet, pocket, and emergency money
  • Umbrella, handkerchief, and extra clothes — you wouldn’t want to fall in line the next day, looking haggard.
  • Powerbanks, chargers, anything to keep your gadgets alive
  • Snacks, drinks, vitamins, and medicine

And the list goes on! Feel free to bring any other thing you think is also essential for you. But if I were you, you badly need to include efficascent oils. Trust me.

important things-to-bring during overnight camping
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Yes to excess, no to exact

In case you aren’t aware, ticket charges include additional taxes, so you should also bring quite an extra. If your budget allows, you might want to carry an amount higher than your original goal. You never know, tickets get sold out VERY fast.

As someone who originally planned an upper box ticket for NCT 127’s The Link in Manila, my heart stopped. It was a great idea to have extra since I was only left with a choice of VIP Standing section. Definitely have no regrets, just 100/10 would do it again.

extra money as backup when purchasing tickets
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You might stutter in front of the counter, so write it down

I still vividly remember the moment we were already inside the mall, just waiting for the clock to strike at 12:00 o’clock. I was screaming, crying, and throwing up (not literally, though) but it was surely a nerve-wracking experience.  Even before ticket sales officially begin, I am sure that I will freeze once it’s my turn to purchase.

And so, you should prepare beforehand and list down your ticket details on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to include your backup tiers and sections for a smooth transaction! In that way, you can just hand it out to the cashier and avoid causing panic.

Huge shoutout to the organizers for informing us of this tip!

write on a piece of paper your ticket details
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Find a camping buddy!

This is not a requirement, but it might be better to bring along your camping buddy… or buddies! Unless you are satisfied in your personal bubble, which is totally cool as well. Although, bonding with a friend around the gloomy galleria is another way of killing time without draining your device. Overnight camping takes hours of waiting while hardly sleeping; sometimes having a fellow fan to accompany you makes it bearable.

You share the same goals, the same sentiments, and most especially, the same anxiousness! Now, that’s what you call bestie goals!!!

bring your camping buddy to have fun together during overnight
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Be alert and aware of your surroundings!

Not to discourage y’all, but overnight camping is highly risky; everyone should keep this in mind. This is a reason why some mall establishments prohibit fans from staying late outside. Especially when lacking security guards around the area, you must be extremely wary of everything.

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Even though camping is surrounded by groups, you should always prioritize your safety.

If you aren’t confident in camping for tickets, that’s very valid! Waiting overnight does not automatically secure you a ticket anyway. You shouldn’t pressure yourself into doing something you aren’t completely sure of. I believe if meeting your inspiration is destiny, then it is meant to happen no matter what actions are done.

be safe and careful of your surroundings especially during overnight
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Clinging onto the adrenaline rush

Regardless of how exhausting securing tickets is, the positive results truly make it up for every sacrifice risked all throughout. Me and my friend literally cried tears of joy after receiving our physical ticket from the counter. Looking back, I could never imagine how I was able to survive a restless night full of anxiousness and boredom. Perhaps it’s my adrenaline rush functioning on behalf of my shaky self during that afternoon.

Others might think doing such things just to attend a concert is going overboard. But who cares? This is our money, not theirs. For as long as it gives us happiness, then that’s the only thing that should matter. Concert-goers would understand the feeling and how breathtaking it is to watch your faves perform live on stage. You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while!

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However, this doesn’t mean that we should make attending concerts an obligation. Remember to only spend within your means. If you can, then go for it!

If you can’t, then that’s alright! This doesn’t make you less of a fan, don’t worry.

Do you also have any memorable experiences or tips during ticket selling? Share with us in the comments below!

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