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K-pop stars Hyuna and Dawn are tying the knot!

K-pop stars Hyuna and Dawn are tying the knot!

It seems like an epic wedding is bound to happen!

The 5-year old couple recently shared Instagram posts showing off their couple rings. Based on their lovey-dovey captions, it is for a fact that they are announcing their engagement to the public.

Dawn posted on his IG account a video of Hyuna’s hand wearing the ring and a photo of the couple rings, with the caption “MARRY ME💙”. Hyuna responded by reposting Dawn’s video, with a simple but kilig-inducing “Yes”.

Hyuna and Dawn as artists

Kim Hyun-ah better known by the name Hyuna was a former member of K-pop groups Wonder Girls and 4Minute. She began her solo career in 2010 and was behind famous K-pop bops like Bubble Pop! and Trouble Maker. Now, she is an artist under P Nation, an entertainment agency founded by fellow artist PSY, along with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Dawn, or Kim Hyo-jong in real life, is a rapper and songwriter under the management of P Nation. He was a former member of Pentagon, a boy group under Cube Entertainment. He was also a part of Triple H alongside Hyuna and former bandmate, Hui.

Dating controversy

The two of them came under fire after their relationship became public back in August 2018. Dating between idols are frowned upon by South Korean netizens, so the couple’s announcement was received negatively by the public. Hyuna and Dawn parted ways with their entertainment agency because of the controversy.

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Image: Dawn and Hyuna in 2021

However, the two proved everyone wrong by going onto the next level — an engagement announcement!

From star-crossed lovers to power couple, these two are definitely the endgame.

We can’t wait for the wedding, Hyuna and Dawn!

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