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K-Pop songs that will make you sentimental on rainy days

K-Pop songs that will make you sentimental on rainy days

It’s 6 am, and it’s raining outside. It’s indeed difficult to get up in the morning. Surely, you feel like you want to stay in bed the whole day. To get yourself started, you boil a cup of water for your coffee. While drinking your coffee, as the rain falls, you feel sentimental. I may not know what you are thinking during rainy days, but here are some K-Pop songs that will make you sentimental.

K-Pop songs that will make you sentimental on rainy days

BOL4 – To My Youth

If you need a good cry, this one is for you. What I learned from this song was growing up comes with such responsibilities. As you try to be the best version of yourself, you will be lost in a maze. You will experience self-doubt, anxiety, overthinking, and judgment. There would be a point where you want to stop. You feel like you are at your lowest. But, no matter how difficult life becomes, never give up on your dreams. Even if you are the only person who believes in yourself.

At some point, I used to wish I would disappear from this world
The whole world seemed so dark and I cried every night
Will I feel better if I just disappeared?
I was so afraid of everyone’s eyes on me

Taeyeon – Rain

When you listen to this song, you will feel as if your heart has been crushed a thousand times. Raindrops remind you of THAT person. Maybe you miss that person or the raindrops remind you of all the tears you shed. As the rain pours, you miss the warm hug. Now, you’re drowning in the memories they left behind. What a perfect day to get sentimental right?

As rain falls, pain spreads within memories
While watching you soaking wet
I stop and steep over these vivid times
And draw you, the former beauty, in the rain

Jin – Epiphany

Rainy days will never be complete with our self-realizations. Sometimes we do self-check or we randomly reflect on things. This song pictures someone who realized that the one they should love is themselves. As they say, it’s easy to fall in love with someone than to love yourself. When you love someone, sometimes you completely change who you are. You tend to forget to live as your beautiful self.

I’m the one I should love in this world
Shining me, precious soul of mine
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful

DAY6 – Zombie

Adulting is tiring. Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in the same phase. Like doing the same things every single day. We are not sure why we are living. Realizing that this is not the life you imagined. You feel empty like a zombie. You want to stop living that life yet is unable to do so. We dream about something seemingly unachievable not because we are ambitious. We dream about such things because we believe they will come true one day. This song is well-written and touches me right in the heart.

I became a zombie
And there’s nothing that can cure me
So tomorrow I know I’ll be
Just the same, you’ll see me
Wishing to stop and close my eyes

I.O.I – Downpour

A heart-warming ballad. It seems to be about saying goodbye to someone. This is actually the group’s farewell song. Downpour reminds the challenges in life. But no matter how strong or heavy the rain is, it will always stop. In life, we will face a lot of problems but we will overcome them.  We can also relate our tears and the rain. They say rain pours since the clouds can no longer withstand the heaviness. Much like your tears, it falls because your heart can no longer bear the pain.

Now goodbye
Will it stop now? These raindrops, these tears?
I don’t want to get wet with rain
And tremble with cold

What’s your favorite K-Pop song that makes you sentimental on a rainy day?

Credits to Genius for the translated lyrics.
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