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James Reid stuns fans with Jay B, ØZI collaboration

James Reid stuns fans with Jay B, ØZI collaboration

Actor-singer James Reid stunned his fans on Friday by releasing a teaser for his upcoming collaboration with South Korean singer Jay B of the K-pop group Got7 and Taiwanese-American rapper ØZI.

Careless, the 28-year old star’s label, posted a teaser video on its Instagram page yesterday, Feb. 25. The 15-second preview shows James in a video conversation with Jay B and ØZI. The trio then exchanges greetings while James’s song “Hello” plays in the background.

The text “Hello 2.0: Legends Only” finished the teaser implying a new version of James’ upbeat song featuring the two international musicians.

More than the preview, he also alluded to a remix of “Hello” in his taped acceptance speech for an award for the song last February 6.

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“I will be singing ‘Hello’ again soon with some new friends of mine,” he remarked at the time.

According to the teaser, the new version of “Hello” will be published on March 11.

James announced the collaboration only days after flying to Los Angeles, sparking speculations about a career change.

However, his dad, Malcolm Reid, has subsequently confirmed the reason behind James‘ move. He clarified that the actor-singer is in the United States “for recording sessions” and to see family.

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