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Indie artist Silas weaved a masterful debut song ‘Melting Vitamins’

Indie artist Silas weaved a masterful debut song ‘Melting Vitamins’

Straight out of the book itself, instead of weaving fabric, Silas carefully crafts and interlaces sets of melody and beautiful lyricism with the use of his undeniable musical taste to form his masterful debut entitled Melting Vitamins.

George Elliot’s Silas Marner

George Elliot’s character in his third novel, Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe, drowned in the irresistible pull of money. On the contrary, independent artist Silas clearly dived deep into the euphoric nature of music.

He is a storyteller who cleverly translates his narratives through amazing writing and vivid visuals. More than just a singer, songwriter, or musician, Silas does not only adhere to the music theory. Instead, he defies it with his own sound.

As Silas put it, he is the love child of superstar Prince and Fiona Apple, translated into art through the surrealism of Salvador Dali.

Silas is my real government name. Whenever I give people my name, their faces always light up as if it’s the unicorn of names.

Derived from the literary work of George Elliot, the name “Silas” is both enchanting and distinctive. The brief moment he spent writing about the character when he was in high school led him to the notion that maybe the name they share is a wonderful thing to be known as. As he put it,

“He was both the protagonist and antagonist in his story. Silas Marner thought the worst of people and he manifested exactly that until he didn’t. He wasn’t actively trying to live a better life and have a more positive mindset. However, the universe always knows when to give us a break. *Spoiler Alert* He lives happily ever after.”

Silas is divergent

As an artist, the 20-year-old musician doesn’t really put himself in a box when it comes to genres. He adores each of them in their own right. Hence, he listens to almost everything if it suits his taste. His music doesn’t necessarily rely on classifications, instead, he dwells on inspirations.

“Sometimes the inspirations come from the most random things. Even the way water comes out of the faucet or someone’s face inspires me.”

Melting Vitamins

The sound of his debut single, Melting Vitamins, and his upcoming project takes inspiration from a lot of “alternative (indie) punk rock, classic records, and healing & dreamy sounds underneath all the distortion”. Silas is also strongly influenced by hip-hop and a lot of synths.

I really played around with distortions and reverb for the drums arrangement. Big fan of the gated reverb movement in the 80s.

The artist even has an illustration of his song if he were to explain it to a hearing-impaired person. With such a vivid and playful imagination, he didn’t struggle even a bit as he translated Melting Vitamins into a discernible visual.

“If I were to describe the song to someone deaf, I would just tell them to think of a monkey flying into space and he’s wearing a holographic jacket with no pants on.”

Silas is fond of classic records from iconic superstars such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees & Prince. The promising artist is usually hypnotized by great vocal performers. He also listens to R&B and Soul artists like D’Angelo, Jojo & Yebba.

Lastly, the fashionable artist doesn’t shy away from poetic musicians who, as he put it, “born writers who just happen to use music as their medium”. The geniuses he was referring to are David Bowie, Taylor Swift, and Bon Iver.

Silas and his diversified music taste

His debut song, Melting Vitamins has a “gritty meets dreamy synthy” sound that legitimately comes off as very refreshing to the ear. Silas definitely showcases an incredible vocal performance while also bringing a masterful yet very digestible melody.

From a listener’s perspective, I can simply put it as Troye Sivan meets 80s superstars meets Harry Styles. If you can imagine a sound that truly captures the retro feel without sounding very dated, influenced by the best elements of today’s music, that is Melting Vitamins.

For an upcoming project, he detailed how it has the same vibe as Melting Vitamins. But when it comes to his out-of-the-box thinking, as mentioned, he didn’t want to stick to a “signature sound”. Instead, it depends on future musicians he envisions collaborating with.

The thing about the sound is, it always has a way of finding the writing whenever I’m composing.

The genius behind Melting Vitamins

The young visionary also detailed the thought process behind his debut song—how it was supposed to sound, how it was created, and its overall concept and message.

“I was supposed to release an R&B track in 2021 with my Producer friend Edu and he suddenly disappeared for weeks. The last two years have been very interesting and it just really frustrated and dizzied me spiritually.”

I wrote and produced the song in my bedroom at 4 am with my red LED lights on, thinking I was going to write a very angry punk track. I got tired of waiting for a lot of people to respond and finish projects with me so I was forced to do it all on my own.

Aside from his eargasmic song, Silas also shared how he came up with his cover art. Of course, it’s as whimsical as you expect it to be, resembling the great mind of the young singer.

“I always knew the cover art was gonna look kooky and Black Mirror-esque. I had Daryl Nacario, who is now a good friend of mine and a very talented photographer, help me with materializing the concept of being stuck in a universe that is the exact opposite of a black void which is even scarier.”

The cover art of ‘Melting Vitamins’

Silas also gave one line to describe the message of the song,

The message is simple, you can let go without having to forget. 

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The lyricism of Melting Vitamins is just top-notch. Asking Silas about his favorite among all of them, he gave,

I’m still breaking the fourth wall, I’m still in it for the longer haul…

“I’m basically just saying I’m still a little crazy and I’m still gonna be around for good. I just truly am in love with the bridge. Artists don’t write bridges anymore. I ended up writing it about 3 months after the demo in the booth, freestyle’d in a way, it just came out of me. I think it perfectly summarizes everything I have to say in this song,” the young artist detailed.

Aside from the 20-year-old’s amazing voice and undeniable music taste, he also seems to have an impeccable style.

According to the young singer, he limits his garments from three to four colors, usually sporting structured and interesting textures. He also doesn’t adhere to toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes.

“I sometimes wear my mother or sister’s clothes because I just do not care that much about people’s judgment and clothes are just pieces of fabric. To be completely honest, anything and nothing inspire me when it comes to playing dress-up, it could be a Francis Bacon painting, anything Tom Ford, or David Bowie’s peculiar costumes,” Silas reiterates.

Silas didn’t hold back when talking about pretentious-sounding music.

“Music is always meant to sound easy,” he details. “I know I do not make generic pop but I do not make pretentious ‘experimental’ music either unless that’s what it sounds like to you. Music shouldn’t sound complex unless used to convey an emotion or feeling that can’t be put to words.”

Silas’ music resembles a beacon of hope to the lost and a company to a friend in need. It wraps around like a blanket with its perfectly woven melody and the warmth of its genius lyricism. It can be an escape but also a liberation to the shackled.

“I just want the audience to pay attention to the lyrics and let the writing mean whatever they want it to be. This song does not have an exact meaning, it does to me as a writer but I know people will identify and relate the lyrics to their own experiences.”

Before the release of the irresistible goodness of Melting Vitamins, Silas has a parting message to the reader of this article and all the people behind this debut.

“I’m just so grateful to the friends, family, and supporters who have made this all possible. I’m just a very grateful and appreciative person in general. I also wanna thank Village Pipol for supporting me and the song, it really means a lot to me as an independent artist.

“The future is looking really great and I’m excited to share this journey with all of you.”

Melting Vitamins is a feel-good refreshing retro debut of the promising artist, Silas. If you want to be blessed with his astonishing vocals and perplexing sound, you can check out the song on your streaming platforms because it’s out now!

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